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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Irony: I don't have time to put tasks in outlook. I actually need a reminder to let me know I need to enter tasks in outlook so I can make time to do it.

Kill me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Weekend, semi-condensed: (just add like a half cup of water or something)

Friday: Left work at 10:30a, still managed over 40 hours for the week cuz I rock. Went home, took dog to kennel, met up with Lowns eventually, drove to Carbondale in stupid-ass rain. Met Camp-Davie at Quattro's pizza, so fuggin good. Drove to Herrin, IL for Herrinfest. Got rained on. Watched crappy-singer 80s cover band.

Drove back. Drank at The Cellar. So cheap. Got plowed despite being very tired. Fell asleep.

Saturday: Wine trails after Panera. Lots of wine. I don't really care for wine that much, but whatever. I drove. Couple neat places, but after about the 6th stop, I was tired and sick of wine. Oh... this one new winery was completely awesome, but very non-winery (supa commercial and over the top, not personal at all)...but it was cool:

Those taps in the back have Sangria in them, kinda neat.

Made it back to Cdale/hotel. Swam in what was probably a 50* pool at the Days. Refreshing! Got dressed, headed to this really, really nice (esp. for Cdale) cafe joint. Jazz quartet rockin some Coltrane in the basement. $5.50 awesome martinis. (yay cdale) Scallops, awesome steaks and other awesomeness abounded. Met hit Callahan's, which has the coolest fuggin library-style bar in the history of the world:

The ladder is on rollers just like a stacks ladder. Sweet. Awesome selection. Macallan 12 was $10, but for an enormous amount. Drinking in Cdale remains cheap. While there, we met up with some of Helen's peeps. Made our way over to Pinch Penny for crappy college cover band action, more cheap beer, and massive amounts of people watching. Very good times. Closed the joint down with enough time to walk through the liquor store and buy stuff we had no biz buying. Went across Grand, rocked the bagel from Winston, grabbed a ($3.50) cab for 4 back to the hotel. So cheap. Drank one tiny Coors Light (8 oz beer, why?), before passing out on Ellen's ass (literally) at 2:30 or 3.

Sunday: Woke up amazingly non-hungover. Breakfast at Harbaugh's, then a 1.5 hour trip home cuz I rule at driving when it's dry out. Watched movies or something. Took a nap at 4. Woke up at 8. Went back to bed at 11. Oops, day gone.

Monday: Woke up early. Watched a couple episodes of the Real Deal, then got wild hair up collective asses to actually finish a project. I finally finished hanging the doors to the closet in our bedroom, and Ellen randomly decided to paint. No mo mustard yellow, which was completley awesome for a spare bedroom/office, notsomuch for a master. While she was doing that I made 890 trips to Home Depot for very expensive pine 1x4s to re-do the door mouldings that were that shitty plyboard shoe style on 2 doors to match the rest of the "craftsman-style" moldings on everything else. Bought sweet-ass Rigid miter saw (finally) to help with my santiy during the project. Came out completely awesome. All my measurements were dead-on, and the laser-thingy helped make the cuts perfecto. Put the room back togehter, watched tivo'd price-is-right million-dollar spectacular, passed the fuck out. Still need to do a few more coats of white on the above-closet doors, then need to paint the new mouldings and the inside of the bedroom/attic doors, and it's fuggin done. Whew.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Beer is good... and stuff.

Friday: Hung out at the house for a bit after work, ate pizza, made our way to Soulard to check out Steve Ewing from the Urge rock an acoustic set. Pretty sweet, nothing like acoustic urge and random Police covers. Should have stuck around for the whole set, but left at the first break. After that, Ellen and I headed back to Cville to drink at LJ Ducks, as we are wont to do. Met up with Lori there, hung out until the 2:30am LJ Ducks fight broke out, which was awesome. Headed home, passed out around 3:30/4.

Saturday: Woke up around 11. Sat on ass most of the day. Washed cars. Played Xbox. Met up with the Lowns, hopped a train to Forest Park, got there around 6:30. Stood in line for wayyyy too long for a beer festival. Walked into Nirvana. 2 tents, Lager and Ale, 25+ beers each. Long lines, but we developed a rythm very quickly to finish our first sample while getting our next poured. Ran into Jake. Ran in Bryan. Ran into Mary/Barb. Neat. Awesome food, some awesome brews. Left around 9:45 to beat the 10pm closing rush. Hopped the train back east. Went back to LJ Ducks, as we are wont to do. Lori and Steve showed up. Closed the joint down. Went home, jacuzzi'd until about 4:45. Went to bed at 5.

Sunday: Amazingly not hungover, woke up at 10, met the Lowns at Spring Garden. Had a crappy breakfast burrito. Was sad. Hit blockbuster. Went home, veg'd out most of the day. Put crap on eBay/Craigslist. Watched Alpha Dog. Pretty good. Took dog out for a ride in the 'vert. Hit Horeshoe Lake just to check it out, pretty nice drive. Headed to Troy, bought steaks. Went home, grilled steaks. Damn fine. Caught up on the DVR, went to bed around 9. So tired.

Weird dream

I had a dream last night that the Sirius/XM merger actually went through. That was the whole dream. It was weird.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So, I got a MOTO Q for work crap, due to needing a PDA desperately. I'm apparently very much behind on technology, because I'm constantly amazed at the shit I can do with this thing. I just found an app that'll let me stream my Sirius subscription through the damn thing....while I'm doing other shit. Holy crap technology is friggin sweet.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Friday: Took the Helen/Eric out to Wasabi for sushi lovin, as E had never had it. Sure enough, he loved it (they guy eats like a fuggin horse), and we wound up getting extra rolls due to his superior eating abilities, and the fact that i starved myself anticipating the meal all day. Hit Hurricanes for a bit until they got tired (had to be at work at 6a Sat). Dropped them off, headed up to LJ Ducks where we once again ran into random bar friends, Andrea M and Dane (aka Rock n' Roll Rob). Curiously enough, we may have hooked them up, which is funny only because we've met each of them twice. Cool peepz though. Like clockwork, there was another fight at around 2:30a or so, which prompted our leaving, but not before realizing that Taco Bell is open until 4. Tacos on the backend.

More about Ducks. Fucking love this place. Hoosier-ass towny/biker bar from hell. It's completely unbearable when you're sober, but the funnest place on earth whilest drunk. $1.50 domestic bottles. $3.25 huge-ass redbull/vodkas don't hurt. Friday ruled especially because there was a stray cat that kinda wandered around the bar, then left and came back a few times. Eventually, it just plopped down on the floor and hung out for the majority of the night.

Awesome cat.

Anyway, retardedness and fights ensued, it was just crazy. I did my best to diffuse, I'm not sure why, I'm lucky I didn't get decked for trying to talk down a drunk asshole I didn't even know. It was fun though.

Saturday: Woke up at some point. Oh, when Andrea L woke me up, right. Lammles came over, Rob and I kinda fixed Andrea's car, the women went somewhere, and came back, then we ate at Friday's South and went to this insane person's junk store. It was insane. Parted ways shortly after. Took nap. Met Helen/Eric at Ramon's for 5/5 goodness. Decided it was lame, so we tried to go to the horse track. Forgot about the kentucky derby. Drove through the C-ville ghettos instead. Wow. Tried to go to the drive-in in Belleville to see Spidey 3. Sat in traffic a block from the place for literally 45 minutes before getting entirely too pissed at the world and blowing that popcicle stand.

Drove to Ofallon IL to try the conventional theater, but didn't get there in time. Went to Chevy's got trapped in parking lot. Went to Jerzee's because we could. Drank beer fastly. It was nice to drink beer. Went back to Cville tired and defeated. Jacuzzi'd. Ellen passed out at 11. I was in bed by 12.

Sunday: Slept till 11. Had Sonic. Worked on the yard. Washed car. Started on the Indy Horror Film double features we downloaded in HD off teh xbox. Dark Ride/The Hamiltons. Dark Ride was meh, but it had the fat kid from The Sandlot in it, who finally grew into his head. Good cheesy 80's style horror. Hamiltons was much more interesting and well-done. Ate BW3. Went to bed at some point. Tired.

Beerfest this weekend. Denying my own age is getting tiring. :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm on the muthafugga

In accordance with geek statute 2389.4, I've condensed all of my various appt calendars (gcal, outlook, phone) into one work/personal outlook calendar that's synced between my phone and work laptop. Bring the organizational pain.

Dude, I blogged myself.

Hi. I don't blog anymore. No time. Work is fucking nuts right now. There ya go. I'll bless you with some trite ramblings on this rainy-ass Friday morning though. First, a dream.

To set things up, I apparently have created this alter Champaign-Urbana in my head. It's got a campus and off-campus area, and it's been the set for quite a few dreams spread over a couple years. I actually just had a flashback to the campus area while typing this, which was weird.

Anyway, in alternate CU, I was hanging out with Jammin and Nate and Monte. We were wandering around the bars, and someone wanted to watch a Cardinals game. I didn't, so they all stayed, and I kinda wandered off to another bar. There, I ran into The Edge and some other dude from U2 that wasn't Bono. So I was hanging out with them, and they asked if I wanted to go cruise around, so I said sure, and we did. The Edge drives a Taurus, apparently. Anyway, I'm sitting in the back, and we're driving around, and I ask where we're going. Edge tells me we're going to go pick up Bono cuz they have a concert tonight.

Oh, cool.

So we pull up to this row house area kinda like you'd see in old St. Louis, and Bono comes out to the car on crutches, and hops in the backseat with me. We ride over to this Canopy-club type place, but it's over by "real Champaign" Savoy area. Weird.

Anyway, they couldn't get me in for free, so I had to pay the $17.50 to get into the show. There was maybe 40 people in the club. Just weird. Anyway, they start their set, and I'm sitting at my table having a drink. Get up, go pee, come back, and Bono is sitting at the table with these three "chicks" during a break in their set. One of the chicks asks me how many of them I think are actually men. I cringe for a second because I'm afraid to offend, and say "You're actually all dudes, I think. But a couple of you had really good work done, cuz I can barely tell". Of course they're all like "yes, yes we are", then Bono finished out his set and I went to another table because it was kinda weird. I tried calling Grice, but didn't get an answer.

There ya go. Dream.

Last night I drove an hour after work to meet FGI people for happy hour and to try and talk one of the Denver people out of moving here. After a couple beers I headed to one of the 4 Sprint stores in the greater St. Louis area that has the MOTO Q phone, and grabbed that after dealing with retardedness for quite a while. Went back to Muggs, had a final beer with the stragglers, then headed home and watched Lost. Awesome. Also, my phone is way too cool for school. So neat. I'm going to lose another day of productivity today trying to get things tweaked. After hand-inputting half my contacts on it last night, Ellen suggested I try 'beaming' them over. My 640 had bluetooth, der. So the 2nd half of the transfer was obviously way faster. Bastards.