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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 things

1. Panera baked egg souffles are fucking awesome.

2. So is xkcd

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

he smells good... like a triangle

Friday: La Esperansa with Davies, gorged selves on awesome mex, like always. Hung out, had a few drinks, hit up Fridays and met up with Mike & Elise, the newbies. Hung out at Friday's until the under-22-douchebag crowd made it unbearable, then headed across the street to Johnny's. Davies left since they had to do a 20 mile bike thinger in carbondale Saturday. Mike & Elise's friend Holly met up, we all hung out for a while, then they all left, leaving Ellen and I hanging out, chatting up randoms and staff. Had a long Scotch discussion with 'Uncle Brian', who is a dead ringer for Smokey from the Big Lebowski, cool guy. Anyway, Ellen was plostered, we closed Johnny's, she puked.

Saturday: Slept until about 10 or so. Ellen woke me up with blueberry pancakes because she rocks. Hung out, watched Hart's War (very decent), took a nap until about 4. Got ready, headed into Clayton for anniversary dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. The nicest damn wait staff ever, I think we had no less than 5 seperate people come by at different times to check on us. Even the valet guys were awesome. Cruised around Clayton for a while after dinner, trying to figure out what to do, came up empty.

Headed downtown, hit Lumiere casino while we were dressed up. McCallen 18 was had at one of the little bars, so I was very happy. Had our after-dinner cocktail, then hit the floor. Wound up only spending $20 between us, but lost it all. They have video roullette now, which is addictive and awesome.

Lori texted me at some point looking for hang-out action, so we wound up meeting her at Johnny's, figured we'd have a couple and part ways. Ran into Jed, who was celebrating his 30th, and was the most drunk I've ever seen anyone, ever. It was funny. Was introduced to Tuaca, this Italian liqueur, which was really damn tasty. Highly recommended. Ran into some random guys wearing tuxes, who wound up being 3/8 of a wedding band. Couple of them were good friends with Doug (johnny's co-owner) and his wife Jennifer. Hung out with them for a while. Watched a massive fight (under-22-douchebags) break out across the street at Friday's, complete with metal-chair beat down. This was literally about 3' from where I'd parked my car (with the top down), so I went to go move my car across the street, and as soon as I pulled out of my spot, there were 4 Collinsville cop cars on the scene, which was fun to watch.

Johnny's closed down at 3, we were ushered into the rear of the bar to wait out closing, and hung out with Doug/Jennifer/Johnny/Lori/3/8 of the wedding band. Good times, except for when 1/8 of the wedding band tried to grab ellen's boob. Free beer though. Lori and a different 1/8 of the band had hit it off really well, which was cool because he was a nice dude, and looked/acted like Jim from The Office, so bonus points there.

Walked out of Johnny's around 5 or 5:15, into the first light of day, which is completely un-fun. Got invited to breakfast, but declined. Went home, passed out hard. Rock stars.

Sunday: Slept till about 10 or 11 (stupid dog). Hung out around the house, ordered pizza for lunch. Lounged around doing mostly nothing all day. Met up with Davies for BW3. We were originally going to go to Rib America for Johnny Lang and Night Ranger, but seemingly emminent death-storms dictated otherwise. Wound up back at Friday's, because we're bar rats. Think I had 2 drinks, wasn't terribly into it. Drafted up rough plans for parties, then decided to head back to the house after grabbing '30 Stones' for a game of Sink The Biz (Bismark), which Eric was talking about earlier.

Roughly 30 Stones later, I forced people to watch Sifl & Oly, then they left. We hit the sack shortly after, no clue what time it was.

Monday: Woke up around 11:15, grabbed some cold pizza and watched Price is Right. Ellen slept until 1:30. Lots of lounging around the house. Ellen watched far too many episodes of the thousand-baby-family-show on Discovery. Excellent birth control. Laundry was done at some point. Rock Band was... rocked. Website repaired. Jacuzzi action took place later on, which was relaxing, perfect night for it. Passed out on the couch.

Last week of work, and it's a short week. And my boss is apparently gone on Friday. I rule.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shawty got low low low low

Despite my best derailment efforts in Paxton last weekend (grilling, Just Hamburgers, Wendys, DQ), morning weigh in was 209.5.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

things that aren't fun

I was having a dream last night that some remote I was using would go "beep beep" after you spoke a command into it. Then, around 4am, Ellen woke me up to go investigate some random beeping which was driving the dog nuts. The beeping was exactly the same tone that his shock collar beeps as a pre-shock warning, so he was going apeshit thinking wherever he was, he was going to get shocked.

After much stumbling around, we found the alarm system we've never armed in the 3 years we've been in the house (mainly because it's fucking collinsville, but partially because we didn't know how) had an 'Alert' going off. I'm assuming either that meant the battery backup was dead/dying, or something was on fire. Making the grand assumption that doinking with the alarm system might set it off and fire up the huge siren mounted to the side of the house, I put my glasses on, stumbled into the basement, and unfogged my head enough to look at the wiring schematics, unhook the siren from the alarm system, unplug the battery, and trace back the AC wiring, and pull that. Alarm system is now completely off, nothing is on fire, and beyond a little pyschological damage to the dog and some nasty-ass farts from him being so nervous, no harm, no foul.

Monday, May 19, 2008

take this job and shove it, and chicken wraps

Friday: Took off early due to working 13 hours on Thursday. Had first interview for metal fab place job at 3. Was originally going to be with owner and boss, wound up being a 5-person panel. Interview was short, and they offered a tour of the place. Went up front to get safety glasses, and after waiting for someone for about 5 minutes, the office manager brought me back into the conference room, where the owner offered me the position. I rule. Start on the 2nd.

Went home, had a beer, waited on ellen to get home. Packed, rolled north to loda, after stopping for 2389 things, we made it there around 10 or so. Crashed hard. Had a chicken wrap from Wendy's on the way. Spicy. Excellent. I still lament our lack of Wendy's.

Saturday: Moved mom into house, took forever due to shitty packing. C&C were a massive help. Had Just Hamburgers, still incredible. Went to Loda afterwards, I wound up making kebobs for Ellen's parents, I did the best most incredible makeshift beef seasoning job ever, the sirloin was incredible for sirloin. Won massive amounts of brownie points with the father-in-law due to my meat-grilling abilities. Got showered, headed up to Urbana to repay Baslers with booze. Got back to Loda round 1. Crashed hard.

Sunday: Woke up, ate breakfast, went to Mom's to help with some more house stuff, hanging doors, assembling beds, programming garage doors. Went back to Loda for lunch with in-laws. Headed south. Stopped back at mom's again to drop off housewarming gifts. Went souther. Drove fast. Got back, went to DQ. Had chicken wrap. Wasn't incredible. Peanut Buster Parfait was, however. Watched Cloverfield. Good, liked the concept, ending sucked, I really wanted some sort of epilogue. Watched Lost, still awesome. Watched the Office, still awkward. Hilarious episode though. In bed by 9:30, crashed hard.

Resignation placed this morning. The next two weeks will be filled with tying up loose ends and massive amounts of documentation I've been putting off forever. Pudding sounds good.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

witty title referencing how much things weigh

212.0. Finally off the .5 bullcrap. Considering I spent all of last weekend eating and drinking (in-laws were up from AL), I think that's pretty decent. I did have a bout of food poisoning in there, which I thought would have lowered my numbers a little bit, but I did gorge Tuesday to compensate. Oh well.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

death becomes him

Friday: Took day off in anticipation of amy/scott arriving. Finished garage finally:

After starting with this:

Anyway. Yay. Ellen cleaned, I made a meat run in South County. Amy/scott showed up shortly after 2, and drinking commenced. Went to La Esperansa for lunch/dinner, awesome as always. Went home, drank more, eric came over, BB guns, drank more, bonfire, drank more, helen came over, drank more, davies left, jacuzzi, drank more, passed out around 3ish.

Saturday: Breakfast at McD's was procured. House was prepped for what wound up being a decent-sized BBQ outing. Much food was grilled, beer was drank, babies were licked (by the dog). Did get rained out, and had to move the party into awesome garage, no biggie. People split off at some point, drinking re-commenced with limited sucess. In bed semi-early. HUGE wind storm came through that night. Like insane, house-shaking shit. Shattered the glass on our 2 week old patio set. Weak. Limbs down all over. New jacuzzi cover was thankfully unaffected.

Sunday: Woke up at 3am with a case of what wound up being food poisoining of some sort.

The next 30 hours or so consisted of sleeping, then waking up every 3 hours or so for chocolate rain. It was horrible. Horrible. I kicked everyone out of the house at like 9p to go to Friday's, so they'd stop the pity parade and have some fun. I think they got back around 2a.

Monday: Took day off obviously. Scott/amy left around 11. I felt really good (comparitively), so I dove back into solid food, which in retrospect wasn't the best decision. Was actually fine all yesterday afternoon, but today I'm feeling pretty puny, but I'm at work, physically, anyway.

That's it. Short week now kinda, going to P-town Friday to move mom into her new house.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

16 tons, whadaya get

Morning weigh-in: 212.5. I'm still not sure why I only wind up weighing half-pounds. Hooray for standard-issue on-track weight-loss hypenated-word.

Still haven't started exercising yet (beyond garage remodeling every night, pics coming soon)

Monday, May 05, 2008


Also, today is Boris' birthday. He's 3. Awwww.

song lyrics

Got nothing witty today.

Friday: Ellen did happy "hour" with her work peoples. I putzed around the house, met up with Lori/Kelly/Shane at Friday's, then over to Johnny's, then out to Fireside. Then to some shithole in Granite City (shocker, I know). Ellen was on her way back at that point, and I wasn't about to try and talk her into where we were, so I left to go meet her at the house. Then we headed back up to Johnny's, where we hung out with Doug and his wife and Johnny until after close, while Ellen worked on what wound up being a $70 bottle of wine. Dammit.

Saturday: Woke up too early due to dog, made breakfast. Lounged around house the majority of the day. Ellen slept off allergy death. Met up with half-brother Tyler and his wife Angie @ Dave & Busters around 4ish, hoping to beat the rush. Turns out all the pool tables were shut down and converted to banquet tables for like 54 proms, which sucked. Ate some foods, hung out, had a few beers, played some games, pretty good time. Split ways around 10, went home, had a beer, caught up on DVR stuff.

Sunday: Made breakfast again (i'm on some sort of egg-loving streak), watched some TV. Did the consumer whore thing. Ellen bought a lot of underwares, then we headed to sears to see if they had my back-ordered weight bench in stock. They did, and when we went to check out, the guy told us we'd save an extra 10% if we came back at 6p for some VIP sale. So we 'returned' the bench we'd just bought, went to BW3 for the wing lovin, went and saw Iron Man (AWWWEESOME), grabbed Cold Stone (also aweomse), and got back to Sears at 5:59. Grabbed bench, headed home, tossed in basement, sanded the 2nd coat of mud on the garage walls, watched a little TV, ellen took some allergy meds and went to bed again. I stayed up and putzed around, played a little more Gran Turismo, bed around 11:30. Dog completely FLIPPED OUT at around 12:20, scaring the complete shit out of us. Every dog in the neighborhood was going nuts, I figured it was an earthquake coming, so I laid in bed awake for a while. Coincidentally, we had another (2.7 tiny) earthquake (which I didn't feel) at like 6:30 this morning.