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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tone heLoc

Once again, I claim it's entirely too easy to get credit in America. I've never even stepped foot inside an office or met my broker, and we're already in underwriting.

On the plus side, based on "a statistical analysis of the zip code combined with square footage", our house apparently has appreciated 15 grand in a year. So that's something. Now to dump some more cash into it.

Also on the plus side, despite buying 2 cars in the past month, Ellen and my credit scores are both over 700, so that's neat.

Windows, flooring and countertops....and that's it. Hopefully. Found a pretty decent deal on Low e/argon double-hung windows, so that makes me happy and hopefully will put an end to those $200+ power bills in the summer. And I don't have to scrape/paint the old windows to boot. Yay?

I'm definitely playing this house like an extended flip. Too much A&E and HGTV/Discovery have rotted my brain. Yet again on the plus side, I feel like we're making very good decisions on the improvements, and actually kinda know what we're doing.

Fat guy on a little bike

Now, I'm all for the rights of the obese. Do whatever the hell you want. But.... Please stop selling 400+ pound guys tiny motorcycles. Really, at that point, any motorcycle you put the dude under is just going to look like a bear riding a tricycle. Now, don't get me wrong; it's funny, and I appreciate funny things on my morning drive. But, I at the same time, I know that a lot of other people think that's funny, and for that, I'm sad for the Fat Guy on a Little Bike.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You heard it here first.

If Anheuser Busch ever releases a "Dear Beer Santa" ad campaign, that was my freakin' idea.

Also, if this happens, you will know that:
a) They actually do read the comment cards from the hospitality room at the end of the brewery tour.
b) I rock.

Where's the beef?

Right here, mofo.

Howzabout a late-ened weekend update, rapid fire style?

Friday: Home, grilled, people, Hurricanes, darts, LJ Ducks, stolen bag of ice, cowboy hat.

Saturday: Movie channels, "Get off my plane", brewery tour, Mich Golden, Llewylns, Funny Bone, drunken cards

Sunday: VH1....uh.....hrm. I don't really recall Sunday I guess.

Hello world

Dude, I'm totally going to log my thoughts on a web site.