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Friday, September 21, 2007

Steady as she goes

Morning weight: 219.0 american US pounds of mass.

I'm pretty happy with that, considering how I ate last week/weekend with Ellen out of town (read: Taco Bell(x2), Wendys, McDonalds, Pizza, beeeeer).

Was fun while it lasted, but I'm back on the semi-wagon now. Waiting for it to cool down a bit so I can clean up the basement and start on the heavy bag again, and buy yet another weight bench I'll use for 2 months and let dust pile up on, before subsequently turning around and putting on craigslist.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's not dry yet....

Really, the best part of my job today is watching a computer to see if it goes to sleep mode, then hibernation mode when it's clearly set in the policy to not do so. This involves turning on a computer and watching it for about 30 minutes. Damn, this job is interesting today.


Everytime someone mentions our Inter-Library Loan department system, they always call it ILL.

Of course, I must constantly fight the instinct to yell "INI" while at work.

Really, it's the only reason I hang around, is to fight nature and reflexes. Keeps things interesting.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Friday: Golf with Nate and Rob, with a tee time of 8:30. PM. It was bizarre, but fun, even though it was a bit cold. Got home around midnight, exhausted, hit the sack hard.

Saturday: Spent the day putzing around, detailed the Mustang, played xbox, had some beers, got ordained, had a stogie, wandered up to Ducks. Ran into Derrek and Dane, drank till 2a, then decided to go to The Oz (24/7 club). Got home around 5:30 or 6.

Sunday: Set an alarm for 11, woke up begrudgenly, headed to STL for a BBQ thing down in soco. Hung out for a few hours before the Red Bull wore off. Headed home to catch the 2nd quarter of the Bears/Chiefs game which was incredible. Ellen came home, I put the game on Record, and we watched Arrested Development and ate Steak n' Shake. In bed by 8:30.

This week is low-key, with Italianfest this weekend and Grice and Mrs. Grice coming down for Italian lovin.

My actual goal for the weekend of working on the garage was not met. New goal is to have garage project complete by Elloween.

Also, it's supposed to be in the 90s this week, which is making my head hurt cuz I hate Midwest weather still.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beer + Boredom =

...Ordained Minister.

If anyone needs married or baby named, or whatever else Ministers do...

This notice hereby confirms that

Justin Kingston
xxxx xxxxxxx St.

United States

is an ordained member of the clergy of
The Church of Spiritual Humanism
Date of Ordination: September 15, 2007
Ordained by R. A. Zorger, President


The Church of Spiritual Humanism is happy to inform you that your ordination request has been reviewed and approved, and you are now an officially ordained clergy member.

Fuck. Yes.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

riddle me this:

Q: What's better than a two cheesburger meal from McD's on a Thursday hangover-stomach?

A: Nothing.

We also would have accepted "calling in sick".

In other news, I bought an HD-DVD player the other day against my own advice. It completely rocks my world, and the deeply discounted box set of Planet Earth that I bought from yesterday is getting delivered today, even though I picked 3-4 day shipping and they said it wouldn't leave the warehouse for at least 2 days. So these all conspire to make me a happy bastard.

Finally, I think the epitome of regular-ness is starting at your normal bar, running into one of the bartneders off-duty, and going with him to another bar. Surreal.

Ellen left for Loda last night, I'm flying solo this week. The dog completely is loving it, since he got her side of the bed all night last night. It's like steak to a dog.

Finally, my apparent phrase de jour is "you could do worse..." I noticed it yesterday that I think I've used it at least once a day this week.

PS. I really need to try the Cheesy Awesome Meaty thinger from Taco Bell, but my McDonald's lunch ruined the chances for that due to my informal "no more than one fastfood meal a day" rule. I've already bent this because I was running so late for work I had to eat a pop-tart this morning instead of real food, so I consider that 1.5 meals of fastish food total at this point.

PPS. I had unofficially and unannoucedly quit smoking when I was in CU for PFunk. I was very weak last night and bummed two smokes off Lown though, and this morning it tasted like someone pooped in my mouth overnight, which is a very real possibility, but I think mostly I'm just over smoking again for the immediate future. I wish the IL nonsmoking thing would hurry up and take effect (Jan 1), so I wasn't tempted so much. Stupid temptation.

PPPS, I wish I didn't finalize my paragraph 3 paragraphs ago, because this is turning into a quality post, and I feel like I may have stunted its development by putting a finite term in there. Damn me to hell.

PPPPS, I really don't wanna be at work right now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jumped the gun there..

Yah, I shouldn't do my strangest whatever of the day posts until the actual end of the day.

When walking out of the office after making the below post, there was a dude on the park bench completely tearing ass on a banjo. Just sitting there, by himself, middle of smalltown nothing, no one around, just ripping the shit out of that banjo. It was surreal, and awesome "Walking to the Car After Work on a Cool, Sunny Afternoon" theme music.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Strangest thing I've heard today:

Soul Asylum cover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing".'s... interesting.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Friday: Took off early, ran errands, got home around 4:30. Picked up the Kerwins from Lambert at 8ish, then to Lleywewellweselwlllwllwsyns for beer, chips and yumminess. Headed east from there, arriving at Friday's South, where Lori and the crew were at, which was cool. Hung with them for a bit, more beer, then over to LJ Ducks where the bar unicorn known as Dane was at, along with more beer. Things get pretty blurry at that point. There was jacuzzi action and then sleeping at 5, not sure when we got home, if we did anything prior to jacuzzi, or afterwards though. Lots of good convo though, as what normally leads to watery time-travelling. That, and copious amounts of booze. Oh, and cigars. Yah. I remember that now. Wow.

Saturday: Woke up severly disabled from Friday. Spent the majority of the day doing absolutely nothing. Hit Spring Garden for the love, then chilled. Watched Hostel. Eventually got ready, and headed to Wash Ave for some food lovin. Downtown was a clusterfuck due to a perfect storm of UI/Mizzou Game, Cards Game and Blues Festival all at the same time. Valet lot at Lucas was closed, somehow we found street parking a block away though. Big-ass awesome meal at Lucas with the Camp-Davies and Heleln's friend Michelle, then meandering we went. I somehow had it in my head there were more lounge places in the immediate area, so I failed there, cuz there wasn't anything that grabbed us. Eric suggested the Dubliner, which we hit, and was awesome. 4 hot scottish chicks rocking out on the accordian/violin/drums/keyboard with semi-traditional music, and retardedly-drunken Mizzou fans made for good entertainment. Split after that, saw the most drunk man ever meandering the sidewalk, left the Davies, then back to Cville, where the effects of Friday were still weighing heavily on us. Don't recall what we did, actually. In bed semi-early I think.

Sunday: Woke up semi-late, ellen rocked the blueberry pancakes and egg/bacon lovin. Played some Xbox, Got ready, and rolled out to City Museum for climbing and the usual joy. Met up with the Lammles at Hacienda afterwards where we downed multiple pitchers of margarita, and I had the best damn crabmeat enchilada of my life. Seriously love that thing so much. Took the Kerwins on the nickel tour of the Central St. Louis burbs, then headed east again, where we procured 30 Stones, mini Coors lights, and some other booze, and fired up the beer pong table where John & I kicked arse. Then the longest game of cutthroat cricket ever, followed
by a semi-drunken viewing of Chris' movie, and passing out.

Monday: Woke up, ate again, Ellen had some sort of bloodsugar issue, so she was very incapacitated, it was a little scary, actually. Took the Kerwins to Lambert, hauled ass back to check on Ellen, she was faring a little better. Got some non-sugary food into her and got her moved to the living room for detox. I headed over to Helen & Erics for a bit to watch the Cardinals get ass-raped by the Pirates and a have a few beers. Went back home to check on Ellen who was still beat. Grabbed some food, and she finally levelled off, but still tired. Watched the rest of Arrested Dev Season 1, caught up on DVR shit, and were in bed by nine.

Today, I'm tired, discombobulated and still suffering sinus death, which I managed to stave off all weekend fairly well by drowing it with booze, but now it's back with a vengance and I feel particluarlly shitty. Yay.