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Friday, August 31, 2007

Better late than never

I'm en route to my original plan of hitting 215 before my 10 year reunion (which was in July, whoops). I passed the 220 mark this morning, down to 219. Ellen being on a psycho carbless diet is really the biggest catalyst at this point. Since she generally guys the grocs, we've got all sorts of healthy shit in the house now, and I don't/can't gorge myself when I get home like I'm used to.

Exercise routine right now is...nothing. Planning on getting (another) weight set this fall and bust out some mad reps, yo. I figure if I blog this, it'll make me kinda responsible and wanna maintain. But probably not. My ultimate goal is to get back down to the 200 range, like I was when I moved back from CO (after going there weighing 280+), but with some sort of tone, instead of just kinda skinny (for my frame). So basically, the shape I was in during high school, which is apparently the goal you set when you near 30.


The best lawn tool ever developed in the history of man:

4 cycle weed eater. Holy crap. No gas mixing, fired up on the first shot out of the box, quiet (compared to a 2 stroker), just sweet.

Monday, August 27, 2007

tear the roof off the motha

Friday: Ellen had some MERS-people thing that night, so I ate Hardee's, played Bioshock for a while, and watched some football till Helen/Eric came over. We rolled up to Hurricane's for a bit, where Helen got hammered and they abondoned me downtown at my request around 10 I think. Had a couple more drinks there, then mosied on down to Friday's South where I drank more, hung out with some colorful characters, and eventually Lori made an appearance. We hung, then Ellen called, I directed her to where I was. Closed down the joint, walked out with a $10 tab, viva being a regular/VIP/alcoholic. Got Tacos on the Back-end(R), passed out around 3:30a.

Saturday: Woke up late, Ellen made us kick-ass omlets. Lounged around for a while, then hit the road to C-U for some funk. Decent trip, except for the 84 in a 65 I got in Decatur on I72. Stupid instant-on Ka band radar bastards. Luckily (and the cop agreed), I wasn't going 1mph faster. Bigger fines and whatnot. Really cool cop though, so that was nice. First ticket in like 10 years, so I was really due. Slow ride the remainder of the way into CU. Met up with Grice and Sadie at their place, then rolled over to Jupiter's for Tucher and ass-kicking BBQ Chicken pizza. Hit Piccadilly for provisions, then back to the house for some pre-game drinking and pool in Ben's garage. Neat.

Hopped in his jeep and headed over to the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival around 8 to get a place to stand for the P-Funk. Awesome crowd, cheap (for a festival) beer. P-Funk definitely brought the A-game. I'd never seen them live, and even with George or Bootsie, it was definitely funkadelic. They wrapped around 11. We headed back to Grice's, where Sadie split off to hit the sack, leaving Grice and I to do what we do.

Headed to campus since it was close, decided that we are right on the cusp of being entirely too old to be on campus. Had a drink at Legends then went on a short walkabout by COs just for grins. Lamented what Green street was becoming while mocking the bed-head boy kids and over-dressed plowed 18 year old chicks. Got back in the car and went downtown, stopping off at Tumble Inn for some townie action. Crowd sucked, so we migrated north to Guido's. Had a couple drinks upstairs, then went to show Grice the basement, which he didn't know existed. Had another drink, and ran into Jamie Reppert. Come to find out her boyfriend owns Bacaro downtown, and she wanted Grice to meet him, via the chef connection and what have you. So, we went to the joint, which was obviously closed, had a little private shin-dig with Thad, Carlos, who owns Jupiter, and apparently like 5 other joints in town, and some doctor dude who was cool. Had a nice little setup in Thad's new wine area, where he was pouring some incredible red that I couldn't pronounce. I'm not a wine person per-say, but this shit was just awesome. Had a couple glasses, Carlos/Thad/Grice did the networking thing, Grice got some awesome leads on locations for his catering shit he's working on, Jamie and I had a good convo about the reunion and life and shit, some confusion regarding my choice of words though:

me to Jamie: "What'd you think of that trainwreck last month?" (referring to the reunion)
doctor dude: "What trainwreck? Trainwrecks are never good! How could a trainwreck be anything but bad?"

Funny shit. Anyway, the chill session broke up around 3:30 or so, and we headed over to Merry Ann's for the fastest service known to man. Stack action was superb. Headed back to Grices, passed out hard.

Sunday: Woke up around 8:00 or so, got ready, and hit the road under the cover of mid-morning, foregoing breakfast with my hosts in favor of getting home early. Turns out, I missed breakfast with Pfunk at Cracker Barrel. Figures. After a careful 75mph drive home (avoiding I72, but still seeing 20,000 cops), I got back before noon with time to spare. Hit up Wal-Mart/HomeDepot for home-repair items in anticipation of the Kerwin visitation this weekend. Sent way too much cash. Had some BW3 goodness. Took extended nap. Was up for a couple hours to catch up on DVR shit, then back in bed by 10.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Of the bald

So whilest at K Sunday, I grabbed a Headblade Sport, which is basically a Headblade with wheels. Wow, big difference. Seriously. It's awesome. It also came with this HeadSlick cream, which is also awesome. Didn't think it'd make a difference, but alas, here we are. It also came with a 3-blade razor instead of the 2-blade, which is clearly superior in terms of clog-resistance. Because, let me tell you, nothing sucks more than having your blade clog and then bow a little bit, causing the blade to start digging into the head. That is very un-Fonzie.

It's all weekendy and updatey and stuff.

Friday: Maintained low tones. Had a few cocktails, and bumped into Nate on Xbox live, figured I'd get a game of Bomberman in before we did other shit. Then Ben popped online. Then Jimmy. Then Nate got Pam playing. Then I got Ellen going on it. Played multi-state, 6-man bomberman tournaments for way too long. Ellen was going cross-eyed from Bomberman action, so we bowed out and watched Groove, which was like the MTV Real Life version of Go. Made me miss Denver, when I was into that whole electronic scene.

Saturday: Slept in, spent the day lounging around the house, alternating between xbox and gameboy and DVR shit and internet, with Ellen doing the same. Finally left the house at 4. Went to Target to buy pants/dress for wedding we had that night. Got back home, quick-changed, met Nate/Beth for supper @ Chilis, then hit the wedding reception for Matt & Jodi, who are Nate & Beth's neighbors, and who we also know through Lori. Weird. Anyway, nice reception, lots of free beer. Ran into a STLM guy at the party I hadn't seen in a while. Bounced around 10:30 to meet Helen & Eric @ Friday's South in Cville for further boozering.

They hung out until about 12:30 or 1 I guess, good times, covered a lot of random shit, talked with one of the owners for a while about some random shit as well. Then Lori and Steve and some other folks from the wedding showed up. There was a near fight, I bouncer'd some guy outta the bar cuz I was drunk and bald and dressed up and looked the part. Then I bought beer for all the remaining fighters. Some fire department Backdraft stuff, but they were all worked up and needed beer.

Closed the joint down, then got the bright idea to jacuzzi. Had a couple brews, ellen passed out. Got her out before she drowned, then went inside where my liver finished metabolizing all the night's booze and I was plowstered beyond belief. Ate beans. Went to bed around 5a.

Sunday: Woke up around 1pm with the worst ass-pounding headache known to man. Nate and Beth randomly stopped by shortly after I woke up, wound up meeing them up @ Ruby Tuesday for lunch. Then hit the Big K for random toiletries and bucket of Ibuprofen.

Got home, took drugs, put comfy clothes back on and stayed inside the rest of the day. Watched Zodiac, which was awesome. Caught up on more DVR shit, I was back in bed by 9.

This week is....i dunno. Nothing yet. Lots of people are gonna be outta town it looks like, so who knows. I'm sure I'll entertain myself somehow. Planning on doing some house projects in anticipation of Kerwin visit. Apparently find out about my raise today, and if I need to start looking for employment elsewhere, or be very happy. Yay.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm so excited.... I'm so... scared....

I bought a case of Diet Pepsi MAX today instead of my regular regiment of Diet Mt. Dew. Yay additives and energy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Extended weekend update thinger.

Thursday: Took the day off, slept in a bit. Made eggs. Took the dog to the kennel. Ran the car through the carwash. Drove to Helena, AL, south of Birmingham (7 hours, 45 minutes, fuck construction.) Bluetooth GPS for the phone was aweseome, except MS Live search doesn't know it's way around Nashville for shit. Otherwise, neat. Arrived at Amy and Scotts, proceeded to pound many beers. Hung out for a while, went to sleep at some point.

Friday: Slept in, watched TV, hit the pool at their subdivision for drinking and swimming and shit. Hung out a lot. Drank more. Ate mexican. Hit the most expensive liquor store in the world. Went back to the house. Drank more. Went to sleep at some point.

Saturday: Slept in. Ate breakfast, hung out for a while, had a beer. Went to some sports bar to watch football and Busch race. Drank a lot, good wings. Went to some other bar, played pool, drank a lot more. Went back to their house, drank more. Passed out at some point, entirely too late.

Sunday: Slept in. Ate breakfast, drove home (7 hours, 5 minutes, woulda made it under 7, but decided to stop in Paducha, KY and actually eat inside due to hangover). Turned on the AC, waited for the house to cool down from 92*, went to Helen's for a bit, then DQ. Came home to an 88* house. Watched Breach, didn't drink.

Monday: Slept in. Ate breakfast, got the dog. Got a wild hair up my ass and decided to put Nate's chainsaw to use and trim the maple at the back of the lot. Not sure why. It was fucking hot. Spent most of the day working on that, alternating between doing shit, and cooling off and buying tools to not kill myself trimming back tree. Also bought a bitching weedeater. 4cycle gas beast with attachment system. So sweet. Ellen made a roast for some reason, so we ate that, caught up on DVR action.

At work again, it sucks. Yay! Luckily, short week this week, regular week next week, then kerwins are (probably) coming down, so that'll rock.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Advertising gone wrong

Ran across this on another blog (Toolmonger).

I wish I could make shit like this up. God only knows how sick I was of paying out the ass for sweet ringtones featuring all my favorite power saws, drills, and lathes.

Now, I can download "DeWalt 10 inch Miter Saw on Oak" for FREE!!! Or, when my girl calls, I can use a dedicated ringtone, and hear the sweet sounds of "Craftsman Plunge Router on Cherry".

Shit, by having these free Wood Cutting Ringtones, I'll probably save an easy $30.00/month.

Now, if I could just find a sie with Free Vegetable Cutting Ringtones...

Friday, August 03, 2007


Since I didn't do a weekend update last week, (here's a wrapup: I drank a lot, it was fun) I'll do a pre-update this week. I'm not sure what you'd actually call that, so I'm calling it a pre-date.

Friday: Ellen has happy hour with her work peepZ, so I'm either going to go home and doink around the house or go to a bar by myself in retaliation of not having any local friends. Take THAT! She'll come home at some point, and we'll probably drink or watch movies or something.

Saturday: We're having peoples over for a grill n' chill, so ellen will clean while I procure meats and other asundries. I'm pretty sure that's not the right word, and according to Google, it's not spelled right, but that's what I'm getting, dammit. Then there will be drinkin, grillin, and chillin. It'll be fab.

Sunday: Movies and probable hang-over, if I feel nutty, I may work on the basement some, since it's gonna be too fucking hot to step foot outside the air-conditioned confines of the abode.

Next weekend is Birmingham, the weekend following is Kim invasion, then a weekend off, and a Detroitian Visitation if the NWA and government gods play nice.

I gotta poo like a rockstar.

Just an idea...

If you're upgrading someone's network equipment, and something goes horribly wrong, don't use that same network to e-mail the handler of the network that the network is fucking down.

Dammit, people!

Seriously. You may as well email me to tell me the email server is down.

In better news, the switch wasn't bricked, the upgrades had just made it hate my external media converters. So I figured that out and got us back up and running. I R HERO.