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Thursday, November 30, 2006


I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend.

Two men (at least two men without gastric death wishes) cannot finish a White Castle Crave Case (30 bugers) in one sitting. I have no doubt in my eating abilities, and given a day to plan around it, I could easily eat 20 in one very short sitting, but in a normal social setting, all future Crave Case purchases shall require a minimum of three (3) able-bodied Whiteys-lovin' males to be present and willing participants.

To wit, I've been eating leftover sliders off and on for 5 days now. Amazingly enough, they take very kindly to being reheated in the microwave.

I'm debating taking the remaining 5 in one sitting, but it's definitely going against my entire "lose some fucking weight" regime. So I'm torn.

Monday, November 27, 2006

pseudo-long weekend update

Thursday: Since it was freaking awesome outside, washed cars, Ellen cooked, we eventually ate food then watched movies I think.

Friday: Went to work, it sucked. Came back, went to Schiappas with Helen & Eric, got Calzone'd pretty hard. Damn good tho. Went out to Good Times for a bit. Dropped off H&E, Ellen and I went to Ducks, caught a band for a bit, then headed over to Hurricane's where we shut the place down, met some real interesting randoms and had an awesome time. Still wired, we hit the jacuzzi around 2, I rocked the Arturo Fuente, Ellen, more beer, and went to bed around 4.

Saturday: Woke up entirely too fucking early, around 9. Stupid dog. Was dead of death the majority of the day. Wound up shopping somehow, bought a closet organizer and some weird LED xmas lights that are actually blue instead of white. Woops. H&E came back over. After much debate, we split ways, Eric and I went on a run for xbox controllers and 30 whitecastle burgers, the girls for girly drinks and pizza rolls and assorted shit. Re-convened, Eric and I gorged on Whiteys. Played a quick round of Screw the Dealer as a warm-up for our games of drunk (drinking) Uno, which actually works great as a drinking game. After that we rocked the Fuzion Frenzy for a while and drank more. Good times. They left due to drunken Eric around midnight, I hit the sack hard shortly after due to tiredness.

Sunday: Ate more whiteys. Decided to swap bedrooms in the house. The office is now pimptastical in our old bedroom, and our new bedroom...needs work. But it'll be nice when it's done.

Also, it's fucking hot out. I've had the top down on the Mustang every day since Friday. And it's the end of November. Dubya Tee Eff. Loves it. Of course, it's supposed to snow like a mofo Thursday.

Also, going to Detroit for New Years. As Liz said, if you start your year in Detroit, it can only get better from there.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

of monies and booze

So, when I installed the new version of MS Money 6 months ago, I started from scratch, and decided to add a line item in my expenses for "Beer". This is normally ATM withdrawls specifically for bars, shit for parties, kegs, etc.

Now, I can't figure out what's sadder:

1) I have a line item in my accounting program for beer.
2) I've spent over $700 on that item in the past 6 months.
3) I've spent less than $700 on "groceries" in the same time span.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Friday: Went out to OMO to eat a huge ass pre-tgiving dinner with a lot of people. Ate/drank entirely too much, all awesome. Won poker, also awesome. Drank more, also awesome. Rode home babbling the whole way apparently until I passed out. Slept.

Saturday: Awaken by mutt at 7a. Bastard. Couldn't get back to bed. Ellen went shopping, I putzed around with her car most the afternoon wiring up her satellite more permanently. Hung out for a while, tried and failed to take nap, ate some food. Went out to Erin & Chets to hang out and cogradulate Chet on his new job in Cali. Oh, they're moving to Fairfield, CA in like....2 weeks? Crazy. Hung out until I could barely stay up, went home and crashed hard.

Sunday: Slept till 10 or so. Ellen went shopping again (damn women). I wandered Walmart for a couple hours and managed to blow over $100 on stuff we've needed for a while. Changed the jacuzzi, hung out with Ellen, watched Nacho Libre (better than i thought it'd be), ate pizza.

Pretty chill weekend, happy for me. No driving this week, as I have to work Friday, so Ellen is doin the cook thing Thursday, should be cool. Looking forward to having another totally chill weekend, especially after oktoberfest

Monday, November 13, 2006

Forgot to mention

Reason #28917844 I know I'm getting old:

I own a leafblower.

Yah.. That's pretty much what I did with my Friday off. Yard work. I rule. Rule the leaves. Die leaves, die. 16:1 reduction mulching rules my ass, though maple leaves clog it like mad.

I was pretty proud of myself actually, I talked myself down from the gas blower (I woulda wound up spending $200, because I would have had to buy a 4 cycle instead of a 2 cycle cuz I know I'd never want to mess with gas mixing), and instead bought the $60 high-end electric one, which works fine.

Yah. Leafblower post.

"She's big into Star Wars" "Yah, well....she'll always be a chiropractor."


Friday: Elloween. Retardedness. So drunk. Ellen was incoherently babbling just prior to puking her guts out and curling up over a bowl on the floor. It was hilarious. The babbling, not the puking so much. A few stragglers resigned to the jacuzzi at 3 to drink 6 more pitchers of beer until after 6am.

Saturday: Hung out with Jim/Rachel until they left....went back to bed due to retarded tiredness. Ate lunch at some point I guess. Slept till 7. Got up, got Hooters. Came home, watched Stay, had my mind fucked with (by it). Went back to bed, had severely fucked up dreams due to movie.

Sunday: Looked up stuff about Stay due to dream. Hung out, did basically nothing. Watched Cinderella Man. Drove out to Steve's for low-low-limit poker at 6. Won a stagginger 20 bux. Had fun though, his work buddies are cool, one of them completely reminds me (looks/acts like) Champaign DustinC. Bizarre. Beer and dumbness was had. Good times.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

<3 the midwest weather shit

It's November 8th. It's 75. I've got the top down the Mustang. What's better?


So, I called my great-grandma yesterday to wish her happy 90th and stuff. Had to tell her that we weren't coming up for T-giving (library is open on the friday after, wtf), woulda thought I'd just killed her non-existant dog or something, it was really sad. So, I'm a bad great-grandson. Thatisall.

In other news, I started beating the shit out of the heavy bag last night. I stopped and started a lot so I could do a bit, then go read and watch some vids online to see how I should actually do stuff. Think I got a pretty good feel for it, and I was sweating my balls off, especially after I was able to throw some AC/DC on the DVD player downstairs instead of listening to the Boogie Nights soundtrack. Definitely sore today; across my shoulders and my pecs are just dead. Trapezius? I dunno, I suck at medicine. Hopefully this will be something I can stick to for more than a month; I really have trouble finding something that's exercis-y that won't bore me to death, and I subsequently stop doing.

Thanks to Rob for showing me the Headblade last night. I'd seen this thing when it first came out, and thought, "damn, that's neat". But I didn't shave my head at the time, so I kinda forgot about it. Rob stumbled upon the site and linky'd me yesterday, and I went to Walgreens and grabbed one last night. We'll see. I don't have a huge issue with using a Mach3, but if this works better, then awesome.

Work is nutso this week. Not sure why, but I haven't had 10 minutes to blog. So sad. Short week though, got Friday off for Vet's day. Which will be spent washing the car, raking the yard, and prepping for the party (after playing xbox until 2pm or so)

Also, I don't think I've worked a full 5 day workweek since September. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If TIME$="Weekend" THEN Update++

I just developed a new programming language, C+Basic for this post title. I rule.

Friday: Came home... that was weird. Haven't been home, not on the road on a Friday in over a month. Met the Lown's at Ramon's for the loud mariachi (old marraca guy was off tonight, sad) and the bombest-ass chimi I've had in a while, along with requisite Negra Modelo. Headed to Good Times shortly after for flat coke with plenty of Crown in it. Became thoroughly trashed way too early. Lowns went home, we went home for a bit, got txted by Lori, went out to Fireside in M-ville to listen to the scariest shitty DJ ever (250 lb white woman screaming at people to dance, then playing 2 minutes of a song, stopping, playing another song, then playing the same song 15 minutes later). It was weird. Drank more. Went home around 1, ate chili dog. Not sure.

Saturday: Woke up, autopsyd' the Mustang to figure out what evil death grinding sound was being caused by on the rear brakes. Turned out I lost a caliper bolt somewhere in my travels. Spent most of the morning scouring Collinsville for a M12-1.75mm thread 35mm long bolt. Found a 40mm one, got pissed, drove to Fairview, found the needed bolt @ Lowes. Spent approximately 2 hours acquiring bolt, about 15 minutes fixing car. Lame. Went Elloween costume shopping after that. Aquired shit on the cheap. Got home, Helen/Eric came over, and we rolled back to Fview to eat some grub, wound up at Houlihan's. Decent. Went back to Cville again, landed at Hurricanes where we watched some insane dart-throwing motherfuckers, drank entirely too many strong-ass crown&cokes (viva Hurricane's pour). Hung out for a while, then I guess went home. Maybe it was Saturday night I had chili dogs.

Sunday: Woke up, lounged hardcore. Went back to fairview to procure boxing materials. Acquired heavy bag and gloves. Drove home, dropped off the bag, then went to work until like 7. weaksauce.

Just when you think you know someone...

I learned three astounding things about my wife last weekend:

1) She's apparently never ate a Twinkie before.
2) She had no idea who "that cowboy thing" was on the package.
3) She doesn't like Twinkies.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Stupid Dutch

So, Chris, Nate and I all signed up for the Marines. And as such, they put us on a ship leaving Paxton, to go to Holland. It was a really quick boat apparently, because we were there immediately. In whatever town in Holland we were in, it was all old-school cobblestone roads and shit, and the townsfolk were dumping booze out their windows into our mouths. For some reason, Chris freaked out as we were called back to the ship after our leave, and he summoned some Volkswagen to come pick him up. I jumped in the back window at the last minute as the car was taking off.

Since we were AWOL apparently, we hid out with our driver at this grocery store, where the guy had set up a small apartment in the freezer section, eating still-frozen pizza and tater tots. That's about the extent of what I remember.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Here ya go

Here's a nice small ambigious post for ya today:

I'm so awesome at not burning bridges, that I actually just spray water on them and post hat-wearing bears on either side of said bridges to prevent anything resembling a fire from coming close to them.

That's how I roll.

Potentiality for things getting all wonky in my life make me kinda wake up. I think I actually strive for chaos. It's invigorating.