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Monday, January 28, 2008

Here it goes again

I'm gonna start doing song lyric titles.

Friday: Took care of banking crap after work, had Taco Bell, played Rock Band for a bit. Went up to McDills while waiting for Lown to get off work. Ellen calls me about 9 saying she's at Friday's, and her happy hour was over early. So I meet her over there where she's already got two extremely drunk/funny guys hanging on her. We go across the street to the new wine bar, Johnny's, which had been open for 3 hours. Neat little place, decent wine selection, should be a good mix for the area. Had scotch.

Was outside with one of the drunktards, and the convo went like this:
"Hey, how do you know that chick we're with?"
"She's my wife"
"Oh. Shit. Shit."
"Why, what'd you do?"
"Nothing, just shit. Fuck, man."

It was kinda funny. Ellen confirmed that he didn't do anything but exceedingly try/fail to hit on her. They left shortly after that though. Oh well. Anyway, Nate/Beth met us up at @Johnny's, Ellen drunkenly rambled, we all hung out. Lowns left at some point, we went back over to Friday's where Paul mixed up some strong martinis and Ellen got obliterated. Home around 4.

Saturday: Woke up at noon. Hung out around the house for a bit. Went to Men's Wearhouse, got tuxes for weddings taken care of. Had BW3. Went to Goodwill, Best Buy. Taking every bit of my soul/willpower to not blow my tax refund on a new 50" Plasma.

Saw a guy holding a sign on the sidewalk for a "manufacture's blowout" at Weekends Only. So, just like anytime we see a guy holding a sign on the road, we bought furniture. Grabbed a small chair for the living room, really ties the room together. Hit Target for furniture accoutrements (Pillows and shit). Took chair home, dropped off nate's truck, went back home, watched He was a Quiet Man, which was pretty good, had some cheap nasty sake, fell asleep at some point.

Sunday: Hung out and did nothing most of the day, washed car, wound up putzing around outside with the neighbor's kids and dog and stuff instead of cleaning my rims as I intended. Got Pizza Man, watched a lot of standup on comedy central. Played Rock Band for like 3 hours. I'm very happy Ellen is pro-rock band, it's making life very easy since it eats all my time.

This week is projects that are coming to a head for no good reason, and big dumb board meeting thursday night that is going to suck my soul and net me a lot more work. Mardi Gras/Superbowl this weekend (which is a partial driver in the TV quandry). I still have a retarded cough/nose issue that won't go away. Thatisall.

Friday, January 25, 2008

my brain's broked

Rock Band is fucking me up. I can't listen to a song without seeing the drum track now. I just wrote the drum track on Easy for Foo's I'll Stick Around on the drive into work today. It looked really fun.

I'm moving onto Medium, and I still can't play any Queens of the Stone Age on drums, stupid down-beat kick pedal screwing up my entire soul.

Yep, Imaloser. At least I'm dragging Ellen down with me. It's been Rock Band sessions every night since I bought the thing.

Weekend Plans:
Firday: Brewskis with Lownski, chilling, probable Rock Band.
Saturday: Not sure, I wouldn't be opposed to heading to Scottish Arms for haggis and Scotch though. We'll see though. I have to get measured for tux(es) this weekend. Nate's bach party is pretty much booked and setup, helping with Eric's now. Need to buy plane tix for Nate's wedding still. Gargle.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary

Yeah, yesterday was my birthday. Being one of the birthdays that isn't actually important in life, I pretty much avoided/ignored it. I did realize how much I suck at keeping track of other people's birthdays, even via facebook/myspace, after seeing how many people left me well wishes. Oh well. Thanks, anyway.

My afternoon was spent at the DMV, which was fairly painless. They did comment on how much weight I'd lost (they still had an electronic photo of when I was like 21 or something in their system, and showed me my huge-ass headshot). Got 100% on my written test (whoody who), and am finally registered to vote at my current residence, am an organ donor, and have a driver's license for the state I live in for the first time in like 3 years, with an address that's less than 5 addresses old. It's neat.

Ellen took me to Porters, where massive quantities of steak/lobster were consumed, and german chocolate cake. She did the trickster thing on me, saying earlier that she didn't have a chance to pickup a gift for me yet since she'd been sick; lo and behold she slipped a box under my coat at the restaurant, which had an exteremly pimp-ass pimp Fossil chrono watch in it, very fucking awesome. Went home, watched Idol on the DVR, and Rock Band'd out until her NyQuil kicked in. I've created a Rock Band monster. She's been monopolizing the guitar, I think I've rocked on guitar twice since I bought the thing.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

cuz i'm back from the dead, with a shaved head

Wow. That sickness sucked my ass in such a hard manner, I can't even describe it.

Currently operating at 84%.

Friday: Didn't do shit. Ordered Papa Johns online. Watched TV? I dunno. Played video games maybe. Helped Nate load a washing machine into his truck.

Saturday: Lounged, did taxes (w00t). Bought Rock Band at Best Buy. Let out Lown's dogs. Checked on Helen's cat. Let out Nate's dogs again. Did laundry. Played Rock Band.

Sunday: Ellen came back at some point, played Rock Band a little bit, watched movies, finished laundry.

Monday: More Rock Band/Movies, had BW3

Seriously, big weekend.

I haven't drank pop since last Monday. This is due to sickness. I still have 0 desire to even try and drink pop right now. I'm drinking redic amounts of water. I tried drinking a watered-down diet coke from Hardee's the other day and it killed my throat. Not sure how I'll react to booze, there's a happy hour Thursday in Wood River I'm supposed to go to, though. And I had aspirations of drinking this weekend, but now Ellen is laid up with the shit I had last week, so who knows.

Sick sucks.

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm fairly certain

I've developed the Whooping Cough.

Holy. Fuck.

3 things:

1. "Clandestine" is still one of my favorite words of all time. They're saying it about 389 times during this Green Berets show.

2. I screwed up shaving for the first time in 4 days, and wound up having to remove my "beard glasses" as Nate calls them. I'm back to rocking the standard-issue fumanchu.

3. I broke down and called the doc AGAIN about this non-leaving fever. Nurse said "have you taken Tylenol?" ..... no. "Take Tylenol".


Currently operating at 35%. Leaving the house today wiped my shit out. I am in possession of pineapple/orange/banana juice, mucinex extra-strength (it's not doing shit), new razor blades, and a squeaky duck for the dog.

Death Update

Currently operating at: 40-45%

I think everything broke last night. I still have a mild fever (99.x), but all my symptoms are in my chest, which probably means I have pneumonia. Todays plans include standing in the hottest shower ever created for about 2 hours, and taking some hardcore Tussin expectorant. The Final Countdown, if you will.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I'm watching some crap on National Geographic HD (best channel ever btw) about people who have their dead pets stuffed, and it's creepy as shit.

Weekend plans include not relapsing, possibly playing video games, and cleaning/burning the house to remove all traces of viral death.

It costs ~$2,500 to stuff a dog.

There's nothing more entertaining than watching the dog watch TV.

Um... Oh. Yah, lung cheese day. Thatisall.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fever Pitch

Day 28921.

At least that what it feels like. I haven't showered/shaved since Monday, it's kinda liberating (and smelly).

My days are filled with bundling up constantly to stave off shakes, then kicking off all blankets once I start sweating. Rinse, repeat.

Yesterday I woke up with a temperature, but it broke by noon. Same today, except it's been holding steady around 100.3-100.9 all day, except around noon when everything seemed cool. Symptoms are starting to fade away a little bit (I can kinda talk now, my nose isn't running like a Kenyan anymore), I just mostly feel like I've been hit by a truck, in my sinuses.

Puffs with lotion are my savior, as well as the following:
Toast with honey
Tea with lemon/honey
Pudding Pops (just ventured into my first one today, it was like nothing I've ever had before)
Assorted condensed soups, which I'm tiring of.
Grilled cheese
NyQuil (green death)

Ellen has moved to the sleeping on the couch to keep from catching whatever death I have, since she's travelling to Loder tomorrow.

My hopes of health in time for long weekend debauchery are fading. I have to help Lown load a washing machine tomorrow, and help some dude load my pingpong table into the truck ($10 loss over my purchase price, what?)

Streaming 12 Oz Mouse on the PS3 (one thing it excels at compared to the XBox). I'm not sure if it's helping, or hurting my psyche. I think if nothing else, if I start going crazy from the fever, I won't notice. So that's good, right?

I'm refusing to break down and call the doc back, which in my head is the absolute right thing to do at this point. I love being machismo.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am Jack's death of crap and lungs

Currently operating at -20%

Monday I couldn't talk
Tuesday I sucked it up and went to the doctor for the first time in 3 years. Was given antibiotics and told to suck it up, Sally.
Today: Woke up with a 101.1 fever, hacked up crap until I was in tears. Going through the whole chill/sweat/chill thing, which is awesome. Haven't had a fever in like... I don't even know when.

This fucking sucks.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Shawty got low low low low prices on sofas and ottomans

Friday - Met up with Lowns and Davies for goodness in the form of food (Schiappa's, home of the future attempt of Eric and I to eat a 36" pizza). Then after facing failure of seating at Hurricane's, and failure of open at Lil' Peeps, resigned ourselves to formerly-unexplored McDills, where much fun was had people watching and playing pool and butchering Rick James and drinking too much. Dropped off the Davies at like 1, then Ellen and I went back up to Friday's, because we're idiots like that. Got home about 3:30.

Saturday - Woke up at 9, entirely too hungover, to go sit in the DMV lobby. My attempts at obtaining Illinois-specific identification failed (damn you baby feet birth certificate that they used to take, but don't anymore). Ellen was successful, though, so it wasn't all for nothing. Went to BW3 afterwards for the Spicy Garlic Bloody Mary lovin, that is the elixr of life. So good. Oh, and wings and shit. Went to Best Buy for a PS3 controller, then home to regroup, then to Schnucks and Shop n' Save for Hummingbird accoutrements for the evening, and other miscellane. Back home, attempted to nap, was awaken by neighbor. Worked on neighbor's brakes for a bit, actually took a nap afterward. Ellen woke me up with Taco Bell, which was great. Ate, Davies came back over, we perfected our hummingbird recipe (the secret is milk, for smoothie-like texture), drank more, hung out. Went to bed around midnight after having formal debates on jacuzzi action (the floor lost).

Sunday -Slept till noon. Woke up sick. Spent the day inside in PJs watching movies. Ate chinese. Wasn't as good as it was last time we had chinese, which was in Chinatown. Talked to Nate. Played Pain on PS3, ellen is good at slingshotting guys. Thatisall.

Today I am en route to full failure this week via sickness. My voice, what is left of it anyway, sounds completely badass. I should record a CD.

Congrats to the Lammles for their successful reproduction!

I'm putting a lot of faith in the USPS

I'm dumb. My license expires next wednesday, the 23rd. I am mailing a request for a certified birth certificate in today (1/14). The Clerk's office claims it should only take 1-2 days for them to turn around the request and mail out the certificate(s). In a perfect world, my request will get there by Wednesday, and they mail out the certs by Friday, and I get them Tuesday.

In a perfect world.

I forsee having to take time off and make a trip to Paxton in my immediate future.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

short note

Good luck to the Lammles with everything today!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

day of recovery/football goodness

In cali still. Ellen & Erin are upstairs watching High School Musical 2 or some such shit, Chet and I are downstairs rehydrating and watching bowl games (fucking Illini). Thusfar:

Friday: Woke up at like 3a, went to airport, caught flights and connection in MN with little drama. Landed in Sacramende's 70s airport early. Fritz's picked us up, hit BJs for Jeremiah Red (awesome brew) and food, then hung out for a bit, don't remember what else, then drank heavily until 1a or so. So drunk.

Saturday: Woke up at some point. Hung out... Went to Walnut Creek for pointless window shopping and meandering, food, UFC fight and Pats Game. Drank more of course.

Sunday: Woke up, took a cool-ass ferry trip (with beer, natch) across san pedro bay and SF bay into the city. Meandered SF for a while. Hit Chinatown, had awesome Chinese food (duh), did a lot of poking around the shops. Women got some bracelets, Chet a wok, me, some fucked up candy for Found all the strip clubs in SF. Walked down to Fisherman's Wharf, chilled, had a drink, putzed around down there for a while, just did a lot of touristy sight-seeing type stuff. Caught ferry back at like 7 or something. Went to kick-ass resturaunt called the Dead Fish where much crab was consumed and more beer, of course. Came back home, drank.

Monday: Drove into SF this time, took ferry out to Alcatraz for a tour, flippin' neat. Went back to Vallejo area, got provisions for NYE party at Fritz's. Got back, setup, made food, people showed. Foosball played, much drinks drank, beerpong played. Wound up in bed around 4 or so, one of chet's severely drunked co-workers appparently got turned around and got into bed with me at like 5. Ellen was asleep out on the couch, so I was woken up all kinds of confused. Managed to get drunk chick back to proper bed, then slept till the wee hours of the afternoon.

Today: Woke up, ate leftover chili and shit. Hydrated. Watched football. Probably go to bed shortly. :)

Tomorrow is apparently Napa valley wineries, then who knows what wednesday. Flight back at noon on Thursday, get back into town at 10:30pm or so, then drive home, wake up, and go to work Friday and stab everyone. I hate being out of vacation time.

Bay area is really cool shitloads of pics upon return.

Happy new year everyone!