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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Short and sweet

Maybe. I'm giving blogging another shot again by popular request. :P Fact of the matter is, between Twitter, Facebook, and whatever message boards, I just type too much during the day as it is, and I never feel like the 'long-form' babble fest really is needed. Maybe it really is, in spite of all of that other quipping and 140-character-limited thought sharing though.

It's completely possible that I've mentally regressed into some ADD-riddled state of mind, where I have a thought, spit it out, and move on. There's never really much in terms of thinking things through, expanding on that thought, or god forbid, branching out into another, somewhat related, but possibly not, thought process altogether. And that's really double-sided, which you've probably seen on here before, where I go off on ridiculous, rambling, pointless tangents for paragraphs on end.

But, on the other-other side, who's to say that's necessarily a bad thing either? It's an odd catch-22, but just as an experiment, and to provide for my fans, I'll give blogging a solid shot again. It may work out well anyway, as there's things I can't really get into on Twitter/Facebook due to exposure to certain elements.

So, the goal/challenge... Blog more. I'll set an arbitrary goal of AT LEAST one entry a week for the month of June. That's fair and obtainable, I think.