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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Viva 'government' jobs!

How sweet. Haven't had MLK off since school days. Weekend update, since that's all I seem to use this for these days.

Friday: Ellen did stuff in the city; I prepped to get drunk and play xbox. Supposed ice storm had squashed my plans of seeing Pomeroy play, so I was bummed. Had a couple beers, then the Lown's called; met up with them at Hurricanes for the cheap heavy pour goodness. Came home, drank more. Ellen showed up shortly after. Went to bed.

Saturday: Poker was to happen, so I decided to go out in search of a couple table toppers to make play a little easier. Went to EVERY GODDAMN STORE in F-view (Kohls, Target, Wal/K-Mart, Walgreens, Sams, other Wal/K-Marts, Sears, Spencers, Macys, etc, etc). Nothing.
So, I gave up in anger. Ellen had gone to Altamont for Ann's baby shower, and she managed to snag one at the Target in Glen Carbon. So that was nice of her. I obtained a keg, went home, and started cleaning. People showed up eventually, and poker was played. I started out the game very, very weak, was down to $175 in chips, and staged a massive comeback thanks to some heavy hands, to win it all. Minus $20, which I lost to Jack in a post-game Cricket match I had no business in.

In my drunken blur, I think someone mentioned strip clubs, so me being the shitty host I am (sorry guys), I up and left with Steve/Jack/Keith/Jake to PT's, where I blew all my winnings plus $50. Good times were had obviously. The cab ride was enlightening, Kahn had some interesting insights into life. Honestly, between the strip club-priced beer, lap dance, post-PTs awesomeburger and 40 fucking dollar cab ride home, I'm amazed I spent as little as I did. Staggered into bed around 4:30 or 5.

Sunday: Woke up around noonish I guess. Watched the first quarter of the Bears game, and headed over to the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Edwardsville, which is a damn sight closer than the one in Ofallon, IL. So that was happy. Hangover necessitated strong drink in the form of Super-hot bloody mary with Garlic spice wing sauce, and Mango HabaƱero bonelss wingys. Did the trick like mad. Left near the end of the 3rd quarter, made it back in time to watch most of the 4th, and the kick for the win in OT (go bears!). Hung out for a bit more. Took a nap? Headed to Edwardsville again cuz I had the urge for some Kreiger's. Rocked the cod sammach, wound up getting desert. Went back to Cville, hit blockbuster on the way, picked up a Scanner Darkly. Proceeded to watch and have our minds melted a bit. Went to bed, had fucked up dreams.

Monday: Woke up at some point, lounged about for a bit. Ellen did laundry, I started on "the day of doors", which consisted of me starting to mount the new closet doors, but failing because of the idiot who built the closet putting facia boards on that narrowed the doorway by 1/2". Began partial demo of closet. Grr. At some point, I convinced Ellen to give me my bday present way too f'n early. Anyway, my wife is the bomb shizzle and grabbed me a wireless steering wheel/pedal set for the xbox, which makes the wait for Forza2 that much more insane. Played around with PGR3, made her drive some, obivously she handled the cars better with a real wheel than the controller, so that was cool.

After that, I borrowed Nate's truck to finish the day of doors. Friday night, our back storm door (we always use the back door of the house) decided to bust one of it's hinges, which had been on it's last leg since we bought the house. Also, needed to pick up a wheelbarrow from Erin's house before it got sold. So, it was off to Belleville, then to F-view, to Home Depot for much deliberation, and finally buying the 2nd cheapest storm door they had that wasn't aluminum, which will be nice I think. Dropped off shit, dropped off truck, came home to bitchin meal Ellen made of some onion ring concoction, mashed potatos, carrots, and wine-marinated thin strip steak that rocked the bum.

Watched Event Horizon, had our minds melted a bit more. Ellen went to bed, I stayed up and played some xbox till about midnight.

Viva the long weekend, I say. This weekend is Grice's bachelor party, followed by wedding next week. Should prove interesting.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The innaugeral 2007 blog of pointlesses, and the first weekend update.


I'm going to make this both as complete, and concise as possible. Pics forthcoming of course.

Saturday: Woke up mo-ass early (3am) drove to Lambert, stabbed people in the security line, surrendered about $50 worth of liquids in our carry-on (whoops), and got on the metal tube to detroit. Sat at the back of a DC9, which is where they like to keep the engines. Loud. Not loud enough to drown out screaming baby though. Also, the engine we were by was most definitely not 100% in working order. They didn't re-use the plane for the remainder of the flight (was supposed to go from DTW to Lansing, whatever their airport code is).

Anyway, after riding the turbotrain down to Luggage, met up with Liz and John, who drove us to Toast via awesome ghetto, to meet Chris & Cari, who by some awesomeness, had managed to drive from Gilman, IL to Detroit, and meet us at Toast in whatever-burb within 15 minutes of each other (they beat us, for the record). So props to them. Had the bomb-ass Mushroom omlet from hell, and fore-gone'd(forwent?) the (hack)allagh toast for overhyped cheesy grits.

Went back to Liz & John's place....hung out a lot. Due to waking up at 3, Saturday is really a blur. I think we did a massive beer run that day. And drank. Chris and I took a totally hetero nap together, and awoke to find LaFlamme and Taryn (i suck at spelling) in the living room. Drank a bit, then all headed to Crust for awesome pizza and wine. Then it was off to some-other-burb for Irish drink on and fireplace. MacCallan 12 in huge quantities makes me happy. Then it was back to Liz's I think? I dunno. Blur. I'm sure I forgot some key shit. Drinking games? Boomo!

Sunday: I think we went to some Coney Island, which is oddly enough all-encompased with greekness throughout the greater D. Had gyro plate. I honestly don't recall what else we did. The entire trip mostly consisted of sleeping, eating, and drinking, all in excess. Fabu.

At some point, we all got ready to go out to Big Rock(?) Chophouse for supper. Somehow managed to secure ghetto-fab cheapass limo at 5pm on New Years Eve, which was awesome. Drank more, waited for limo, limo arrived, we went to da Big Rock. Limo died leaving the resturaunt. It was funny. BigRock...rocked. Scallops the size of a 8 year old's fist. Potatos the size of small dog's heads. Filets with the tenderness of a Michael Bolton song. Martinis stronger than Donald Trump's hairspray. Awesome, awesome time. Retrieved ghetto-limo back to Liz's where much more drinking and merriment was had.

Monday: Uh........ Blur. Woke up, ate? Went to Dave & Busters for shuffleboard and game goodness. Ellen has a new affinity for the guns. Went to BW3 for the Michigan game, which sucked almost as bad as the service....zing! Did have the best bloody mary of my life, however. Goddamn. Wound up getting a hotel due to Chris' cat-related death. Played much drinking games until late. Went on a vending machine adventure.

Tuesday: Uhh..... Went back to Liz's I guess... oh, changed Cari's mom's car's tire, took it to belle tire for tire patching love. Ate lunch...somewhere? Made the treck out to Dearborne to see robots build trucks, but missed the last tour by like 2 hours. Missed the Ford museum by about 45 minutes. Perused gift shop for about a half hour. Bought sign for garage. Left, went in search of Belgian Pub for Feather Bowling, which no one could exactly explain to us. Found joint, obtained beer and mussels and "special wooden balls". Proceeded to feather-bowl our asses off and rock the love. So fun. Basically shuffleboard/bocce ball, but with more dirt and screaming and beer. Went to some-other-burg for A way-more-expensive-than-it-shoulda-been supper, but was awesome. Drank? Maybe. I dunno. Said goodbyes to the Baslers, as they were doing the hotel thing again due to catness. Slept (kinda). Mostly flopped around bed due to having like 5 cokes at Cosi.

Wednesday: Got to airport wayyyy to early, got through security in like 2 minutes, ate, hung out, got flight on which we were about the only civilians (though I kinda fit in with my haircut). Sat at the back again, damn NWA. Got into town, had awkward moment where shuttle driver was waiting for me to tip him, but I had no cash, drove to Fairview, got lunch, picked up dog, went home, ate, slept for 6 hours, watched Casino, went back to sleep.


Anyway, awesome fun trip. Spent way too much money, ate WAAAAY too much, apparently drank too much too, but it was worth it for the fun and company of good friends. I'm missing tons of good details I'm sure, but I need to hurry up and end this so I can sit on my duff since I have a 2 day work week, and I don't even remember what my job here is since I've been here so little the past 4 weeks.

Oh, Ellen's got her 2nd round interview today for her new job (same place, just different department with a shitload more responsibility). Her boss is already making arrangements for her replacement, so she's pretty much got it bagged, and I think she's just working out her raise today. So w00t there.