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Thursday, September 18, 2008

fee fi fo fum


Ugh. Granted, this is after living out of hotels and eating out every meal with a corporate card for the past 3 weeks, so I was honestly expecting worse.

Back on the wagon next week.

Friday, September 05, 2008


What sucks: getting your first check and realizing how much of your raise is going towards health insurance premiums and other such BS, then doing the math and realizing what your 'real' raise is.


Coldplay still sucks.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

weekend update: delayed version

Friday: Drove down from BMI in the morning. Worked at the STL office all day. It was weird. Went home... Ate...somewhere. Uh... Seriously. Don't remember. Wow. Maybe we just stayed in. I seriously don't remember. Weird.

Saturday: Helped Davies move into their new house, it was awesome and quick. Done by noon I think. Went home, mowed, worked on the yard, etc. Met up with Davies at BW3 for the Illini suckfest... er.. game. Split at halftime, and went back to casa de Davie for cheaper beer. After the suckfest, we headed back to Cville, closed down Johnny's cuz we're cool like that. I'm apparently their bouncer.

Sunday: Woke up at like 11. Some guy came by at 1 to look at the house, doubt he'll buy. Hung out, had some gyro love at Fazzi's. Some other shit went down, I think. Oh, watched Harold & Kumar, crashed early.

Monday: Woke up at some point, made breakfast. Spent most of the day compiling apartment list for denver, and hacking up basement doors to work properly. Cookout @ Mike & Elise's. Good shit.

Leaving for BMI again tonight. Come back Friday afternoon. Fly out to Denver Saturday or Sunday or something. Ellen comes back that Wednesday, I'll stay till Saturday. Or sunday. I should probably look at itineraries. Lot of i's in that word.