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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The weekend went pretty much exactly as predicted, minus Just Hamburgers, all the xbox playing, and Merry Anns got moved to Friday night somehow. Oh, and Murphs was closed, so we wound up at Legends with about 892 people in an impromptu P-town reunion, which rocked the butt.

Merry late xmas, all my loyal readers! (all 2 of you).

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Instead of waiting till tomorrow, I'll tell you of my illustrious holiday plans pre-holiday leaving day (that'd be right now), because I'm bored as shit and avoiding doing real work.

As a bonus, I'm including tonight.

Tonight: Go home, put on some grubby jeans, put the Mustang in the air, tighten down the rear end to hopefully eliminate some oddball clunking and ensure it doesn't fly off the road this weekend. Eat a burrito, install Sirius in Eric's car, cuz I'm nice like that. Play Gears of War. Drink beer.

Friday: Try to sneak out early, take dog to kennel, drive to Chambana, go to some hotel party for Rachel's bday. Still not sure why it's a hotel party, or what it'll actually entail. Presumably get plowed, eat Merry Ann's, pass out.

Saturday: Drive up to Ptown, hopefully get Just Hamburgers, see grandma, apparently go out with mom and finally meet her 'new' boyfriend she's been seeing for like a year. Then up to the Lake to do something with the Camps/Wards/Eyres/???. Then back to Champaign to meet the crew @ Murphy's, drink a lot, eat Merry Anns, pass out.

Sunday: Do the family thing some more, chill the fuck out, recover from hangover. Drink beer.

Monday: Wake up, do the fam thing s'more, eat, do the awkward Kingston xmas exchange, lounge around for a while, and possibly (probably) drive back to Collinsville that night.

Tuesday: Sleep in, pick up dog, play Gears of war, drink beer.

Wed-Fri: "Work"

Saturday: Wake up mo-ass early, catch 7am flight, get to detroit at like 930, eat at Toast (hopefully), do random shit until C&C show up at whenever they show up.

Sunday: No clue. Eat dinner somewhere awesome with everyone, go back to Liz's and drink till we're idiots, cheer in the new year.

Monday: Sleep off hangover, drink beer probably.

Tuesday: Uh...sleep off hangover, drink beer? Not sure.

Wednesday: Wake up mo-ass early, catch 930 flight back to IL, get dog from kennel again, play Gears.

Thursday/Friday: Cry due to having to work. But I get a 3day weekend the 13th, so that's cherry.

Long pointless post, w00t.


Why can't people sneak up behind me when I'm actually working, instead of doing it while I'm mindlessly surfing to keep my sanity?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't be a hero

I don't care how much of a man you think you are.

Chocolate Lucky Charms is too much sugar for one man.

I has a weekend.

Friday: Got home from work, turned around, got Lowns, headed to Soulard for outdoor firepit and beer lovin at some Bear Something-or-other bar with Lammles and Kim, along with a horrible band and loud 80s music, but beer and fire. Had a good time. Split ways, and Beth randomly called her cousin on the way out of Soulard, who said he was just on his way back to Soulard (he lives there), and that we should meet him. So we turn around, and head to his apartment, which is directly above a bar and the coolest fucking bachelor pad ever in creation of earth.
TVs built into the walls and framed? Check.
Pool table in the living room? Check.
Multiple bars that swing down from the walls for parties? Check.
Bedroom with electric fireplace, fake bearskin rug, and another TV in the wall? Check, check, check.
Closet with built-in minifridge to keep his roomies from stealing his beer? Check.
Awesome loft with ladder bolted to wall? Check.
Dudes skateboarding through the living room? Check.
"Drinko" (Plinko, but drink numbers) game? Check.

Seriously, my head exploded in there. After hanging out for a bit, we him and his buddiesat McGurks, where they quickly went off to do things much cooler and younger than hang out with married people. Stood around McGurks until they closed down 1:10am (??), watching Ellen and the Lowns get sloppy, drove home, got denied Waffle House. Sad. Went to bed.

Saturday: Woke up very tired due to getting to bed at 3, and waking up at 9. Spent the morning cleaning the rest of the storm damage wood out of yard, and trimming up the tree at the back of the lot. Then off to Fairview for attempts at Xmas shopping. Mostly failed due to lock of stock and lack of desire to fuck with idiots. Resolved to go shopping during the week at 8pm this week instead. Due to tiredness, decided to not compulsively drive to Carbondale and get sloppy, instead wound up hitting Blockbuster and ordering in pizza. Watched MI:3 (rocked my ass so hard), and the first half hour of Miami Vice (omg fuckinhorrible). Killed Miami Vice and went to bed.

Sunday: Woke up, drove to O'fallon, swapped exhaust with a guy (car is all loud and screamy now, but doesn't drone as bad on the highway, which is good). Dropped DVD off @ Rob's, headed home. Watched the Bears win, fucked with Ellen's car for a bit, then went groc shopping, and did other random shit. In bed by 9 due to having to be in today at 630. Still tired.

So tired.

This week's goal is only to finish Xmas shopping. That's it. Heading home Friday night. And by home I mean stopping in Champaign to go to Rachel's bday party at some hotel, getting plowed and sleeping there. Then Reunion-y fun on Saturday, xmas shit sunday and monday, and probably going home Monday night.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

melt melt baby

Just an aside, and yet another comment on retarded Midwest weather: It's 60 today, yesterday, and higher the rest of the week. Yay December! On the severe plus side, our power bills have been pretty damn low (relatively) this year. Which is awesome.

I should be working

But I'll blog.

I think I just reached a new level of maturity. I've managed so far today (in the 2 hours I've been at work) to _not_ buy a totally bitchin' miter saw. Why? Because, I don't need one right now.

Think about that. I don't need one. That's a pretty big step for me.

No point. Just don't need a miter saw. I'd like one, but I have zero use for one right now. I know I'll buy one eventually, which was my initial justification, but fuck it. No saw hee haw. Rickshaw.

My desk is a damn mess. My desire to do any real work is nil. I did some research on a couple things, but that's about it. I'm waiting on some parts to come in so I can upgrade a couple servers, so in the meantime I'm just kinda chilling. I have plenty to do, but it's all Technology Plan documents and policy editing work and other stuff i need to be in a certain mindset for, that I just ain't right now. Also, I'm on the verge of a pretty nasty cold I think. Something to do with hanging around kids all weekend, then spending 6+ hours working on a deck in the middle of December, I'm sure.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I'm updating this because I may or may not have received shit from Liz for not updating.

Although, I have not much to offer outside of another weekend update that I forgot to do yesterday because I was actually working my arse off oddly.

Friday: Drove into the city after work, went to Ellen's work holiday party. Had fun. Saw Old Justin, which was awesome, because I'm gonna be an incredible dancer in 15 years. Can't wait.

After the official party was over, the drunk social workers made their way over to Donny Gitto's in south city for some cram-packed karaokee action. I really liked the crowd at the bar for the most part, but I sobered up, Ellen got way drunker, then the crowding combined with soberness at 2am just got to me, and I basically dragged Ellen out of there. She babbled most the way home, and passed out, then we went to bed after the dog exploded on us from being locked in the house for 9 hours.

Saturday: Drove back into the city to get Ellen's car from work, drove back to the house, drove to walmart to pick up Grandma Ashton's pills, drove to shop n' save for a veggie tray, then drove to bellville for Ward Xmas. LOTS of Wards there...cousins and shit. So I drank. A lot. Was way plowstered by 8pm, as was Ellen's dad, who got all sentimental and rambly, it was grand. Left around 10 or so....ate meatloaf and rambled, then passed out.

Sunday: Woke up entirely too early. Drove back to Belleville, got more presents from the Wards, then proceeded to help Chet finish his deck for the next 6 hours or so. My butt muscles and legs are killing me from kneeling and getting up 289329 times. Came home, crashed hard.

Um...I found the chex mix container in my trunk today, and i brought it into my office. This was a mistake. So full of chex.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

Hooray for storms!

Thursday: Got out of work early due to doomsday ice/snow storm en route. Spent the majority of the extra time running around Collinsville gathering provisions (Xbox games, DVDs, gloves, shovel, beer) to hunker down for the duration. Got storm'd. Watched Accepted. Ask me about my weiner!

Friday: Woke up to find a whole lot of tree in the yard. Stupid tree. Lots of damage everywhere, but so pretty with ice and shit, so I was torn as to whether it sucked or not. Nate called me to see if I could get out of my house since they had the majority of a tree fall across their driveway, trapping them in. Pulled the tree parts from in front of the garage, and set out int he Mustang on rescue mission. Yay for traction control.

Picked up Nate/beth, dropped beth off @ the house since they had no power as well, headed to Sears to buy chainsaw. No power. Did donut in parking lot. Went to wal-mart. No power. Did donut in parking lot. Did more donuts and power slides while nate called around neighboring towns. All lines were busy, so we decided to just trek out to Fview Heights blindly. First stop was Home Depot. Gathered with the other manly men while we waited for a forklift to pull the last pallet of gas chainsaws they had off the ceiling. Mad rush. Got one. I grabbed a black&deck Alligator chainsaw/pruner mutation for myself. Loves it.

Headed back to Nates, his neighbor randomly decided to help, so bowsaw, pruners, and chainsaws went at it. 3 beers, 2 Marborolo lights, and 40 minutes later, Nate was able to free his cars from the icey abyss. Went over to my place to meet Helen & Eric who rocked us with the burger king. Nate & I cleared the tree guts off my yard, enough so the dog could get out back and actually piss.

Hung out for quite a bit, ellen & beth wound up going to Fview to do baby shopping for Kelly, they came back eventually. Lowns split, Ellen & I and Helen/Eric hung out around the house for the rest of the day since helen had no power as well. Went out to Ramon's for the messican love, saw some dude fall hard and knock himself out. EMT/Drama was had. Went back to... actually, no clue what we did Friday. Oh! Hurricane's, duh. Met up with the Lowns, drank entirely too many Redbull/vodkas and Crown/cokes to counteract physical tiredness from lumberjacking all day. Made Eric drive back home. Slept hard.

Saturday: Helen still had no power, they hung out for a while watching some crappy movie I can't remember. Eventually we all split our seperate ways, we wound up doing the consumer whore thing, which basically consisted of going to Home Depot again, and spending way too much money on new closet doors and stain. Ate Red Lobster for some reason. Watched Clerks II, Headed to Robdreas for the quickest game of Monopoly ever and some Stella. Drove home late, crashed hard.

Sunday: Slept in. Ellen went to baby shower, I played a shitload of Gears of War and did laundry. Fuggin love that game. Wow.


Also, Coors Winterfest beer is amazingly awesome.