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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog? What's this blog thing you speak of?

Heh. Oops.

Let's see. Does anyone read this? Or did they? Will they again?

So, it's been like... a while since I wrote something, an update is in order. I'll just address things from the last few posts:

1) AM weigh-in, post vacation - 221. Oops. This is despite (or due to) me working out a buttload lately, etc. I feel much better than I did at 213 though, and think I look better too, so we're going to work on the muscle/water retention theory here.

2) We live in Denver now. Moved in the day before Thanksgiving. It's fucking awesome. Closed on the house in Collinsville 12/30/09. Lost our asses on it. Living in an awesome apartment complex now. No intentions on buying anything anytime soon.

3) Sold the S10 finally before we moved. Lost my ass on it.

4) Went to Jacksonville last weekend to see awesome people. It was awesome. I'll defer to Liz's blog for details, since she was there, and actually writes stuff.

5) In reference to 4, Delta eats balls.

6) There is no six.

7) Lori is flying in from Collinsville tomorrow. That should be interesting.

8) We're going to Chicago next weekend.

9) I quit smoking the day we closed on the house. I just had one at lunch though. Ellen says it is, or can be, a seasonal habit. I disagree, but enjoy beer and cigs by the pool. So I'll play ball.

Maybe I'll update this again since I did it once.