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Monday, August 18, 2008

asfasdiy23o87243ajsdf + food

Friday: Drove up to Loda. Stopped for Wendy's en route. Had pizza and beer upon arrival. Hung out with Ward fam, fell asleep.

Saturday: Woke up, hung out, went over to my Grandma's, had Just Hamburgers. visited Ellen' grandma for a bit. I split and visited mom. Went back to Wards for a little more fam time and cookout. Hit the road at 8. Home by 11. Bed.

Sunday: Woke up, had McD's for breakfast, Home Depot, massive house repairs. So much. Taco Bell. More repairs. BW3, hot tub, sleep.

Buy my house.

Buy my truck.

Monday, August 11, 2008

death becomes him

Friday: Came home, went into the city to negotiate trades and shit. Attempted to get a hold of Ellen to sign papers, but happy hour loudness prevailed. Went home, she and her friend from work followed later. Attempted to show her Cville love, but it was apparently bizzarro night, and failed horribly. Passed out around 1.

Saturday: Woke up, went back into the city, bought this blue thing. It's awesome. Went back, hit HD, bought supplies, went home, finished deck repairs, stained both decks. Got showered, hit Mexican with Davies since Aaron and his buddy were in town. Went back to the house to pregame, but Rock Band, 3 Man, and Beer Pong prevailed, so we never left. Fell asleep around 2 or 3.

Sunday: Woke up at like noon, hit BW3. Hit Ultimate Electronics for stereo shit, mall for new sunglasses, kohls for some shorts. HD again, 15 bags of mulch and 5 bushes for the flowerbeds around the garage. Rented a tiller, fun toy. Beat the flowerbed into submission, looks awesome. Returned tiller, had food, went over to lowns to give them bounties of firewood and help him move furniture. Went home, hit the jacuzzi, watched Venture brothers, (fucking awesome season) and passed out hard around 10:30.

I'm still sore. And tired. a;lskfjasd.

Monday, August 04, 2008

weekend in as few words as possible

Friday: Worked, drove, sweated, drank, slept
Saturday: Woke, floated/drank, sweated, gave up, left, slept
Sunday: Panera, drank, Rock Band, Hacienda, drank, airport, slept