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Monday, December 17, 2007


Friday: Left work about 4:45, trodded through the clusterfuck that is 170/Brentwood to head to Ellen's office for her work xmas party. Drive took just under 1.5 hours instead of the 30 minutes it actually should take. Awesome. Had some free booze, stood around with husbands, watched a lot of really drunk social workers be drunk. Headed to Nick's Pub on Manchester to meet people, only to find out they went somewhere else instead. Worried about impending snow doom, I made the motion to go back to CVille and bar it up instead, which I won, because I was sober and driving. :)

Headed to Friday's South, where Paul was pourin' it up. We were initially kinda bla about everything, declaring we'd just have a couple drinks and call it a night. But, as Friday's tends to do, we got sucked in to funness and comp'd booze. Ellen wound up getting hit on by the chick that she was trying to get interested in random dude of the night, which was funny. Went home around 2:30, Ellen stayed up drunken babbling until about 4.

Saturday: Woke up around 8:30, then flopped around and tried to sleep more, got out of bed at 11ish. Met Lowns and Camp-Davie at Especweslda's, the resturaunt that used to be another Mexican place. Wound up being pretty decent, so that was happiness. Stopped by HD and WalMart afterwards for supplies. Went home, I attempted to nap but the dog wouldn't let me. People showed up around 7ish, dirty martinis and choco-covered cherry drinks were had, beer was consumed, drunk sledding was done, and drunkness was..dranken. Or something. People left at some point, Ellen passed out from tired at 1, I stayed up drinking and internetting till about 4.

Sunday: Slept till 12:45, which was AWESOME. Had a small bite, then went out to finish xmas shopping. Killed the list with the quickness. Headed into the city to pick up Ellen's car, stopping by PF Changs first for the over-priced Chinese goodness. Got her car, headed home, watched Captivity, which was decent, and Elisha Cuthbert is still haaawt. Watched the Dexter season finale, which was awesome, love that show. Mediocre Simpsons. Ellen went to bed around 9, I stayed up watching some Military Channel documentary till 11.

Monday, December 03, 2007


I weighed myself Friday. 219. Consdering I'm doing nothing, I should probably be happy with this result.


Friday: Went home, picked up rental car from Enterprise, went to work xmas party, which was tolerable, but not awesome by any means. Out of there by 8 or so, then to Friday's South where we hung out a lot, and both got hit on severely, it was weird. Lori met up with us at some point and we drank till about 2. Headed over to Duck's to catch the 2:30 fight. Got there at last call, there were 3 SEVERELY drunk southern (like Alabama/Mississippi) dudes in there, it was weird. Saw the drunkest person of my life, ever. Let him borrow my lighter, then he was back asking for a light 2 seconds later. I gave him my lighter at that point. He asked me to light it for him because he was too drunk ("but not a fag"), then asked if he could hug me because I lit it for him. Got kicked out of Ducks at 2:30. Went back to the house and drank more, lori left at like 330 or something. Watched Ellen babble incoherently and fall (Mouthwash is heavy) for a while, plowed. Bed around 5?

Saturday: Fucking dog woke me up at 8 and I couldn't get back to sleep. Made ellen get sonic. Ate, watched TV, passed out on the couch. Woke up around 5, got dressed, headed out to Chesterfield to meat lowns and lammles at Bacara, a brazilian meat-death joint.
Full review on my new site, Bam.
Finished, drove home, passed out on the couch promptly. In bed by 11.

Sunday: Woke up at 8 again, (fucking dog). Putzed around the morning, started tearing apart the car at noon to re-do all the stereo shit. Took lots of breaks, went to BW3 to watch the good part of the Bears/Giants game, came back, fought the car on some points, got everything put back together at 12, attempted to wind down, failed, went to bed, flopped around for a few hours until my alarm went off mo-ass early since we had to take my car to the body shop at 7 to fix the deer shit.

Red Bull no longer affects me, I don't think.

Going home this weekend for the in-law xmas stuff. Yay?