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Monday, March 31, 2008

week/weekend/month update?


Let's see. Last Tuesday/wed/thursday I was in Minneapolis for conference. It was fairly boring, and I spent a lot of time chilling in the hotel and attached Irish Pub, which was nice. Got to know the staff to the point I was getting free drinks, which is either awesome or horrible. Got to roll around in a Town Car a lot, which was pimp.

Thursday, went to some expensive-ass seafood joint with a vendor rep, it was great. Hopped the plane back south, which was delayed on both ends, so it was about 12:30 or so before I actually got to my car. It was stupid raining and my tires in back were bald, and I went sideways on I55, which sucked. Met up with Lori/Ellen/Jodi at Fridays' for a couple drinks.

Friday: Woke up, took car to Midas for tires at 8a. Took dog to kennel, took phone to sprint for repair, picked up tux, picked up car, packed car, took nap. Headed north for wedding crap. Got to the rehearsal with time to spare due to fast driving awesomeness. Back to Basler's afterwards for booze and Rock Band until like 1.

Saturday: Had to be at church around 10 for wedding shit. Stood around forever, played poker, made cigar run, participated in wedding. Excursion limo was pimp, drove around, said "woo" a lot on green street. Booze and tux pictures are Hessel Park. Had 2 glasses of champagne and 3 beers in the limo. Beginning of the end.

Reception was in full force, good food, generic wedding DJ. So... much... booze. Seriously. Wow. Scotch and cigar tradition was enforced, and was the middle of the end. We polished off a fifth of Glenlivit between the 6-7 of us in about 15 minutes or so. Horrible idea.

Much of the remainder of the night is a blur, and/or missing. I wound up with the DJ's info handwritten on a piece of paper. We apparently hung out with the photographer in the hotel afterwards. I'm not coimpletely sure how we got anywhere. I remember fake trees in the hotel being liberated from the lobby and taken to rooms. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Fake trees are tall.

Taco Bell was apparently mashed into my face (by me), my tux tie/shirt took the brunt of the force though, which was fun to explain. Seriously, quite possibly the drunkest I've been in the history of ever. I ran a tab at Refinery, which was a bad idea in retrospect since I totally didn't take advantage of any of the free booze. Talked to Dave Harber a few times, which was cool.

Um, yah. D-R-U-N-K. I didn't hear about jigs, so that's good. Eric did do the worm. I apparently was an asshole to one of E's frat buddies who was hitting on Ellen.

Sunday: Hungover. Had Panera, drove home. Returned Tux, grabbed Red Robin. Went home, worked on some faulty house wiring. Sat on couch. Had apple cobbler. Bed at 9:30. I'm sick today, which I'm going to blame on Rob, and not sharing a bottle of scotch with 7 other people.

This week is sittig in silence, and taking sick time to recover fully so I can repeat everything in 2 weeks for Nate's wedding.

Friday, March 21, 2008

karma karma karma karma karma chameleon

Was late for work today delivering some old ladies dog that wound up in our yard. I rule. One of the few dogs that wasn't freaked out by Boris approaching it, so we let them play for a while, it pretty much solidified the fact that we're gonna end up with a 2nd dog, which is poor, but the mutt was so damn happy.

Anyway, the lady was kinda grateful, but she made it sound like this happens all the time, and she lived in a dumpy apartment complex with no grass for the dog, (bigger dog too), so I kinda felt bad for it. Also, I have a lot of mud on my back seat now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Couple things

1 - Hooray for post-strike TV. How I Met Your Mother is still legen...

wait for it..


2 - When Ellen is downstairs on the bike doing her spanish lessons on the gameboy, it sounds like I have a mildly retarded mexican with torrets in my basement.

*silence* "MUCHACHO!"

*silence* "VERRRDE!"

(The gameboy has speech recognition and shit. I'm actually impressed with the spanish lessons too)

3 - When I bought another Mustang, I forgot that you have to really have an annual tire budget with these cars. That is poor, and compounded by my lust for wide wheels. $130/tire, grr.. I am, however willing to make that monetary sacrifice to keep from sliding into guardrails and avoid further driving wonkiness.

Monday, March 17, 2008

top of the blarney and whatnot

Friday: Laid low. Had Ramone's. Mariachi band was rocking it out. Some WT mofo made them play Feliz Navidad. I think/hope she was drunk. Cleaned house for baby shower Ellen was having. In bed early-ish.

Saturday: Woke up, showered, got McD's. Loaded up some rum in my coke, had Ellen take Eric and I downtown for parade action. Day started out generally shitty and rainy. Cleared up after 4 beers and a few hours. Watched dumb people run. Watched dumber runners dance badly to shitty cover bands.

Jake met up with us around noon. The parade had started by this time, and we were trying to locate each other, when a tractor fell over, which provided a good reference point, and a chance for Jake to cross the street.

Drank HEAVILY. Wound up going to Side Bar on wash before the parade was over to beat the crowd. Had INCREDIBLE corned beef and cabbage. It was sooooo fucking good. They did something with lots of brown sugar. God. So good. Obviously, more drinking. We hopped around bars trying to find someplace non-packed. Wound up at Keiner Plaza where there was another beer tent, and riverdance suddenly broke out. It was weird. Made our way back towards the river to Tigin(?), which was incredible, and much Hoegarden was drank, and incredible chicken fingers were had.

We split ways with Jake around 6, when the wives picked us up because they're awesome like that. After we drunkenly babbled a lot, we wound up at a Chinese buffet. That was a horrible idea. Only because we were REALLY drunk at this point, and probably shouldn't have been around families. Or food. Or tiny holes in the wall to the kitchen.

Anyway, we went back to the house for RockBand, and more beer and energy drinks. Helen/Eric split around 9? I guess 9. Maybe 10. I dunno. We apparently went downtown Cville to drink more. There's some massive blurs in here, but I remember being asked for my beer knowledge at Johnny's again (they ripped through my last selection, I need to be on beer comission), and winding up at Friday's South. Taco Bell was procured around 1:30 I believe. It was also incredible. Passing out happened. Only because my body completely shut down after drinking for 16+ hours straight. Yah.

Sunday: Woke up at 10, completely not as hungover as I shoulda been. Had Pizza Man. Watched movies. Took naps. In bed by 9. Today I'm in hangover-hangover mode, and a complete zombie. So dead. So horribly dead.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Rrrrobot horse!

Friday: Ellen was out of town, so I did what any good husband does when his wife is gone: played Rock Band for a while, then went to the bars by myself. Ran into one of my normal bartenders who was offduty, hung out with him for a while, ran into the new bar-couple friend from a couple weeks ago, caught up with them at Johnny's across the street, and hung out for a while. They left, Paul (the bartender) came over, we hung out for a while, he left, after getting me hooked on this evil, wonderful Rye Whiskey. Bellied up to the bar, hung out with Johnny and Doug (owners), talked about microbrews, and wound up going through half their menu doing tastings and helping them with their beer list, which was awesome. Another couple showed up, hung out with them for a while, they're Michigan imports apparently, something about Bell's, and random bullshit chatter. The wife crossed some invisible completely-fucking-plowed line and kept falling off her stool, so they left. I went back across the street to Friday's and ran into the drunk guy-who-drives-the-white-version-of-my-car-and-can-never-remember-my-name-but-still -knows-me, and Dane's uncle. Left there around 2:30. I'm afraid to look at my receipts from the night still, but I think I was pretty much taken care of at Johnny's. Hoping, anyway.

Saturday: Incredibly hungover. So bad. Watched Price Is Right special from Friday night while eating eggs, which was great. Plodded around the house for a while, got cleaned up and took the dog to get his nails cut/ground. Took him around petsmart to get some toys and new elevated water/food bowls. Dumb bastard was pulling so much he vomitted in aisle 6. That was un-fun. Got him home, grabbed some Arbys (Toasted Italian Sub, get it), then headed up to Alton for a poker game.

Hangover ruined me, I was useless, got knocked out of the game within an hour. Hung out for a bit, and excused myself due to hangover death. Stopped at Schnucks on the way home for Zing Zang and Absolute Peppar in hopes of curing what ailed me. Made some strong/spicy Bloody Marys, Davies came over for a bit, Helen was plowed/hilarious, Rock Band ensued. Hung out for a bit before they left at 1ish, rocked out a bit more until around 2:xx. Passed out hard.

Sunday: Woke up, had ambitions of either walking the dog or cleaning the car. Neither happened. Ellen showed up from Indy around 1. Made a Pizza Man run. Ate entirely too much. Caught up on DVR shit, watched Evan Almighty for some reason (horrib), finally watched King Kong (beautiful in HD). Ellen passed out due to sick death, I putzed around on the interwebs until midnight or so.

yay! blog!