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Monday, September 20, 2010

I should blog.

Hey, only 4 months between postings this time. :) I'm getting better.

Oh, let's see, what's new... Oh, there was that whole eloping in Vegas thing. :P Incredible whirlwind trip, and an amazing adventure with my partner-in-crime-for-life. Not a bad experience for my first time in Vegas, and not really sure how I'm gonna top that. It'll take more than a Carrot Top show, that's for damn sure.

There was a short stint of job-hunting, which culminating in me spending about 5 weeks and almost as many interviews with a company for a job that would have been an amazing experience, but probably too much travel. I was pissed that I didn't give the job (once I heard the reason), but in retrospect it was probably for the best. The travel, despite the amazing locations and frequent flier miles, would have gotten to me and affected the home life eventually. Decided to stay put for a bit, work on finally getting this effing certification I've been putting off forever, and then set the goals for points west eventually.

There was a slew of short and sweet getaways, just completely random adventures, up in the mountains mostly, but even around town. Great shows taken in, bitchin' rafting, plenty of street festivals, and just one helluva summer overall.

I broke down and joined a gym, which is something I was always against for some reason. It's much easier and enjoyable when you have a workout buddy, and it's easier when that workout buddy is a live-in. There's that mutual motivation, and that's awesome. As much as I love biking, it's hard to do here in Denver with the schizoid weather, which has been trending towards 'constantly hot as hell' mostly as of late.

My oddball side project, has actually taken off to some level out of nowhere and turned into almost a job, complete with income that's just past the 'beer money' level, which I'm good with.

We signed a lease on "our" place today. It's a change of venue (about 10 miles south) and a change of scenery (mountain views, what?), and a change of life. It's a big deal, and a fresh start for us both, literally and figuratively. I can't wait.

It's also our 1 year "first date" anniversary. I've said it a million times, but it's amazing what can happen in a year. We had a short discussion on the way back from the lease signing about where we'd look to live next year if the rent went up, and decided there were entirely too many things that could happen between now and then that we could plan something so far out. :)

Life, she's good.

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